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Summer Rerun: Is Thinking Going Out of Fashion? « naked capitalism
The implication is that books like In Search of Excellence and Good to Great are mere exercises in storytelling, because their main data sources, press reports and retrospective interviews, ar hopelessly tainted by the halo effect. And he goes on to prove analytically that their findings were incorrect.

Now Rosenzweig’s book has a very important message, but I challenge you to boil it down to even three sentences. As a consequence, (and Make It Stick is borne out here) it won’t have the impact it ought to. But by the Heaths’ logic, popularity is tantamount to merit. That just ain’t so. In fact, one could argue that one way to get ahead in a competitive world is to have an information advantage, and seek out more complicated constructs that are ignored in a dumbed-down world.
business  management  simplicity  slogans  halo-effect  psychology  confirmation-bias 
august 2010 by tsuomela
Obama Should Act Like He Won -
Centrism is a chump's game. Democrats have massive majorities these days not because they waffle hither and yon but because their historic principles have been vindicated by events. This is their moment. Let the other side do the triangulating.
politics  obama  centrism  bipartisanship  slogans  rhetoric  cliche  triangulation 
january 2009 by tsuomela

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