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Integrity and the Virtues of Reason: Leading a Convincing Life // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
"Greg Scherkoske, Integrity and the Virtues of Reason: Leading a Convincing Life, Cambridge University Press, 2013, 264pp., $99.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781107000674."
book  review  philosophy  integrity  values  virtue  epistemology  social-epistemology 
april 2014 by tsuomela
UnderstandingSociety: How things work
"But think about the challenge of understanding society from the other end of the stick -- the perspective of the ordinary participant. From the participant's perspective the situation often looks more like an environment of black boxes: how will the world respond if I do X, Y, or Z? And for a significant part of society, how the boxes work is a life-affecting mystery."
social-epistemology  explanation  perspective  science  ordinary  expertise  poverty 
july 2012 by tsuomela

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