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Middle-Aged Moralists – Snakes and Ladders
Comment on - C.S. Lewis, Steve Jobs, and David Foster Wallace commencement speeches.
moralism  speech  commencement 
june 2019 by tsuomela
We Have Been Here Before | Easily Distracted
A useful review of the past 60 years of controversy over college speakers.
political-correctness  college  speech  campus  controversy  activism  history  america 
april 2017 by tsuomela
The Ecuadorian Library — Geek Empire — Medium
"You can tell that Manning, Assange and Snowden are all the same kind of irritant, because, somehow, amazingly, the planet’s response is to physically squish them. They’re all online big-time, and their digital shadow is huge, so the response is just to squeeze their mortal human bodies, literally, legally, extra-legally, by whatever means becomes available. It’s a wrestling match of virtuality and actuality, an irruption of the physical into the digital. It’s all about Bradley shivering naked in his solitary cage, and Julian diligently typing in his book-lined closet at the embassy, and Ed bagging out behind the plastic seating of some airport, in a jetlag fit of black globalization that went on for a solid month."
online  security  freedom  speech  surveillance 
august 2013 by tsuomela
UnderstandingSociety: Searle on social ontology
"Searle thinks that rules, institutions, and collective intentions are the fundamental "atoms" of social phenomena
social  ontology  philosophy  theory  sociology  explanation  language  linguistics  speech 
march 2011 by tsuomela
LRB · David Bromwich · The Fastidious President
His eloquence finds its natural key not in explanations but in statements of purpose. Obama wants credit for the highest intentions even when conceding that he lacks the will to fulfil them. The trouble is that a politician who says what he would like to do and then fails to do it leaves himself open to attack on both counts. You disappoint your supporters and at the same time give notice to your enemies that the thing they stopped you from doing was the thing you would have liked to do.
politics  obama  rhetoric  speech  speaking  action  eloquence  explanation  purpose  intention  policies  fastidious  power 
november 2010 by tsuomela
LRB · David Bromwich · Diary
Bromwich essay of 13 May 2010
"Off-script, Obama speaks so deliberately – with such compunction lest a misjudged word escape – that he seems a lucid expositor of sentiments and intentions. Yet he lacks the ad lib skill of the born politician, skill at making the explanation that actually explains. He has not yet given an entire speech that unfolds a coherent policy in any area of governance; and all of his speeches bear the impress of his belief in the transparent soundness of his own position. He talks as if by full certification of the relevant establishment, corporate, financial, military, medical, and he never takes the trouble to imagine a strong opponent. He is, by nature, a man of tendencies rather than commitments."
politics  america  obama  personality  character  rhetoric  style  speech  persuasion  power 
june 2010 by tsuomela
What the Founding Fathers Really Thought About Corporations - Justin Fox - Harvard Business Review
A couple months ago the Supreme Court ruled that restricting corporate political spending amounted to restricting free speech. In this view, corporations are pretty much equivalent to people. Would that have seemed reasonable to the Founding Fathers?

In a word, no.

I read this opinion carefully — I'm trained as a historian, not a lawyer. Chief Justice Roberts lays out an ideologically pure view of corporations as associations of citizens — leveling differences between companies, schools and other groups. So in his view Boeing is no different from Harvard, which is no different from the NAACP, or Citizens United, or my local neighborhood civic association. It's lovely prose, but as a matter of history the majority is simply wrong.
business  history  politics  american  american-studies  capitalism  corporation  corporatism  constitution  founding-fathers  18c  law  speech  freedom 
may 2010 by tsuomela
Economic Manuscripts: Value, Price and Profit, Karl Marx 1865
Speech by Marx to the
First International Working Men's Association, June 1865
marx  karl  speech  capitalism  profit  economics 
february 2010 by tsuomela
Pearls Before Swine | TPMCafe
What has changed for me, though, is my growing (hardening) conviction that the chamber he was speaking to is stuffed to its gills with frauds. (There are exceptions.) Beyond the few measures on which there is a rare alignment of stars, nothing he called for will happen, unless his road trip unleashes a firestorm in the American people against Congress for the systemic sins mentioned above.
politics  obama  state-of-the-union  speech  progressive  congress  reform  government  federal 
january 2010 by tsuomela » How Shall We Govern the (Online) Commons?
David Bollier outlines some possible online governing strategies for the commons.
commons  speech  law  legal  online  governance 
may 2009 by tsuomela
Project Vote Smart - American Government, Elections, Candidates and Voting
Politics website collates speeches and press releases, and more.
politics  speech 
june 2005 by tsuomela

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