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Guest Commentary: Climate spin is rampant - The Denver Post
"Along with colleagues around the world, I've been studying climate change and disasters for almost 20 years, and we just had a scientific paper accepted for publication this week on damage from U.S. tornadoes since 1950. What we found may surprise you: Over the past six decades, tornado damage has declined after accounting for development that has put more property into harm's way. Researchers have similar conclusions for other phenomena around the world, ranging from typhoons in China, bushfires in Australia, and windstorms in Europe. After adjusting for patterns of development, over the long-term there is no climate change signal — no "footprint" — of increasing damage from extreme events either globally or in particular regions."
climate-change  global-warming  disaster  insurance  politics  spin  climate  meteorology 
october 2012 by tsuomela
CBC News In Depth: Spin Cycles
A Series about Spin, the Spinners and the Spun by Ira Basen for CBC Radio The Sunday Edition
spin  documentary  politics  persuasion  radio  propaganda  canada  cbc 
october 2007 by tsuomela

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