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How to Save the World - Paying Attention, and Imagining What Could Be
But imagining a better way to live is a more difficult undertaking. I had hoped to discover or create a Natural (Intentional) Community that would be a model of how to live better, and while I haven't given up on this search, I am starting to see that such models are being held back by our society's terrible imaginative poverty. While we change slowly, and only when we must, we are capable of doing just about anything we can imagine when that time comes. The problem is we have largely lost the capacity to really imagine, thanks I suspect to our hopeless education system, the dumbing down effect of the information and education media, and, more than anything, a simple lack of practice at imagining that stems from being too busy doing the urgent but unimportant things that consume most of our days and lives.
imagination  future  community  story-telling 
december 2008 by tsuomela
Heekya Homepage
Heekya is a social storytelling platform that will change the way you create, share, and discover stories.
online  story-telling  digital  social-media  web2.0 
august 2008 by tsuomela

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