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The impacts of an invasive species citizen science training program on participant attitudes, behavior, and science literacy
"Citizen science can make major contributions to informal science education by targeting participants’ attitudes and knowledge about science while changing human behavior towards the environment. We examined how training associated with an invasive species citizen science program affected participants in these areas. We found no changes in science literacy or overall attitudes between tests administered just before and after a one-day training program, matching results from other studies. However, we found improvements in science literacy and knowledge using context-specific measures and in self-reported intention to engage in pro-environmental activities. While we noted modest change in knowledge and attitudes, we found comparison and interpretation of these data difficult in the absence of other studies using similar measures. We suggest that alternative survey instruments are needed and should be calibrated appropriately to the pre-existing attitudes, behavior, and levels of knowledge in these relatively sophisticated target groups."
sts  citizen-science  public-understanding  science  education  informal  learning  surveys 
august 2013 by tsuomela
AAPOR | Home
American Association for Public Opinion Research
professional-association  surveys  polling  public-opinion 
june 2013 by tsuomela
Contingent valuation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Contingent valuation is a survey-based economic technique for the valuation of non-market resources, such as environmental preservation or the impact of contamination. While these resources do give people utility, certain aspects of them do not have a market price as they are not directly sold – for example, people receive benefit from a beautiful view of a mountain, but it would be tough to value using price-based models. Contingent valuation surveys are one technique which is used to measure these aspects. Contingent valuation is often referred to as a stated preference model, in contrast to a price-based revealed preference model. Both models are utility-based. Typically the survey asks how much money people would be willing to pay (or willing to accept) to maintain the existence of (or be compensated for the loss of) an environmental feature, such as biodiversity."
reference  surveys  method  preferences  utility  economics  public-goods  markets 
october 2012 by tsuomela
Language Log » Ignorance about ignorance
"My conclusions: When you read or hear in the mass media that "Only X% of Americans know Y", don't believe it without checking the references — it's probably false even as a report of the survey statistics. When you read survey results claiming that "Only X% of Americans know Y", don't believe the claims unless the survey publishes (a) the exact questions asked; (b) the specific coding instructions used to score the answers; (c) a measure of inter-annotator agreement in blind tests; and (d) the raw response transcripts."
american  society  knowledge  surveys  ignorance  media  methods 
october 2012 by tsuomela
The Cybercrime Wave That Wasn’t -
This is not simply a failure to achieve perfection or a matter of a few percentage points
crime  cyberlaw  online  estimate  economics  statistics  surveys 
may 2012 by tsuomela
BBC News - Why state surveys asked about bras and haddock
From bra ownership to television interference, the government has wanted to know some strange stuff about people in the UK. Now a history of social surveys reveals why.
surveys  history  country(GreatBritain)  statistics  state  government  polls  tracking  social 
january 2012 by tsuomela
Views: Antiwar No More? - Inside Higher Ed
"Drawing on more than 5,300 surveys the authors conducted with people attending antiwar rallies in recent years, the paper is the latest in a series of studies of the relationship between social movements and political institutions -- in particular, American political parties, major and otherwise."
sociology  politics  war  militarism  protests  public-opinion  surveys 
april 2011 by tsuomela
Everyday Sociology Blog: American Values: Are We Really Divided?
"The purpose was to create a barometer of American values, and the target population was randomly-selected adults, 18 or older, living in the U.S.

These are guiding principles that are strongly and widely held, shared across demographic lines, and stable over time. Here we outline the Top 8 core values that Americans share:"
sociology  values  american  polling  surveys  public-opinion 
march 2011 by tsuomela
Michael Adams
Canadian pollster who uses social values research method.."measures fundamental values and worldviews and examines how they change over time. Probing beyond the opinions people express about the issues in the headlines, values research uncovers profound, long-term evolutions in the way people see themselves, each other, and the world."
people  research  canada  polling  surveys  values 
november 2010 by tsuomela
Sloan Survey Expands to Explore Larger Universe in 3D
And though we may be away from those holographic representations, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey will soon be entering its third phase, in an attempt to create the biggest 3D map of the universe created so far.
sts  astronomy  astrophysics  observatory  surveys  history 
august 2008 by tsuomela

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