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The Sameness of Cass Sunstein | The New Republic
"HOW CHANGE HAPPENS by Cass R. Sunstein The MIT Press, 344 pp., $29.95"
book  review  change  technocracy  politics  rant 
june 2019 by tsuomela
Ranking Digital Rights - Ranking ICT sector companies on respect for free expression and privacy
"The 2015 Index evaluated 16 of the world’s most powerful internet and telecommunications companies on their disclosed commitments, policies, and practices that affect users’ freedom of expression and privacy. The 2017 Index scheduled for launch on March 23rd will evaluate 22 internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies."
digital  rights  privacy  technology  technocracy 
february 2017 by tsuomela
The issue is not Hillary Clinton's Wall St links but her party's core dogmas | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
"The Democratic party rejected the New Deal and its stress on working-class Americans in favour of a technocratic elite – is it time for a political revolution?"
politics  2016  democrats  new-deal  technocracy 
february 2016 by tsuomela
Evgeny Morozov: The Naked And The TED | The New Republic
"The Khannas are typical of the TED crowd in that they do not express much doubt about anything. Their pronouncements about political structures are as firm and arrogant as some scientists’ pronouncements about the cognitive structures of the brain. Whatever problems lurk on the horizon are imagined primarily as problems of technology, which, given enough money, brain power, and nutritional supplements, someone in Silicon Valley should be in a position to solve. This is consistent with TED’s adoption of a decidedly non-political attitude, as became apparent in a recent kerfuffle over a short talk on inequality given by a venture capitalist—who else?—which TED refused to release for fear that it might offend too many rich people."
trend  technology  philosophy  popular  promotion  technocracy  ideology  economics 
august 2012 by tsuomela
John Lennon vs. Bono: The death of the celebrity activist
"John Lennon was a hero, not just for his music but for his fearless activism against the Vietnam War," declares Bill Easterly. "Is there a celebrity activist today who matches Lennon's impact and appeal?"
Sample is way too small, more cute than accurate.
celebrity  activism  politics  technocracy 
december 2010 by tsuomela
UnderstandingSociety: Transmitting technology
So perhaps the short answer to the question posed above about cross-civilizational technology transfer is this: "transfer" looks a lot more like "reinvention" than it does "imitation."  It was necessary for Chinese experimenters, officials, and military officers to create a new set of institutions and technical capacities before this apparently simple new technological idea could find its way into Chinese implementations on a large scale.
technocracy  technology-adoption  cross-culture  transfer  china  steam-engine  history  sts 
november 2010 by tsuomela
Stumbling and Mumbling: Managerialism vs technocracy
Managerialism is distinct from management. The latter is a practice, the former an ideology. What's more, this ideology is distinct from technocracy, in several ways:
management  business  ideology  technocracy 
november 2010 by tsuomela
The Gods That Underachieved « Easily Distracted
What I’m left with in some cases is a kind of queasy mix of postmodernism and pragmatism: that all instruments are limited and all solutions are partial. That what we really need is a political and social language for describing better outcomes, incremental improvements, and probable solutions for the significant majority of what we expect both from our governments and we expect from ourselves as social actors. I’m not saying that utopian expectations or radical demands for reform or dramatic mobilizations for action need to disappear entirely from the picture, but that we need a way to sharply delineate the circumstances under which that way of thinking is helpful. Right now, we all have a tendency to fall back on the assumption that technocracy can do anything (even that it can instrumentally prevent good solutions from being implemented) and that expertise is the product of a positivist science marching inevitably towards perfected knowledge of everything.
politics  technocracy  state  government  science  pragmatism  instrumental  incremental 
july 2010 by tsuomela
Contrary Brin: The Real Struggle Behind Climate Change - A War on Expertise
David Brin on experts and climate science - "Chris Mooney documents how relentless this agenda has been, in The Republican War on Science. Though, let's be fair. If films like Avatar are any indication, a variant of dour anti-scientific fever rages on the left, as well.

This is the context in which we should reconsider the Climate Change Denial Movement. While murky in its scientific assertions -- (some claim the Earth isn't warming, while others say the ice-free Arctic won't be any of our doing) -- the core contention remains remarkably consistent. It holds that the 99% of atmospheric scientists who believe in GCC are suborned, stupid, incompetent, conspiratorial or untrustworthy hacks."
climate  global-warming  expertise  public-policy  science  culture-war  history  scientism  technocracy  conspiracy  deceit 
february 2010 by tsuomela
Worst and Dimmest
There's the nub of it--The Best and the Brightest. This skepticism about an excess of brains in government has persisted so long in large part due to the vividness of David Halberstam's study of the McNamara cohort. His book played into two of the animating political fears of the late twentieth century: liberal worry about the cold rationalism of foreign policy hawks; and conservative panic that the country's soul was being seduced away by clever young men on the coasts. And so, Halberstam's title has come to serve as political shorthand for a nervousness, on both the left and right, about governance by technocrat--a fear that braininess carries the built-in risk of failures the size of Vietnam.
halberstam  david  best-and-brightest  country(Vietnam)  history  lessons  politics  technocracy  technocrat  number  bias 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Firedoglake » Where David Cameron Is Now, the GOP Wants To Go in 2012
Technocrats aided their enemies by being dead wrong about Vietnam, inflation, and demographics. While the pain inflicted by these three problems is small compared to their place in myth
technocracy  politics  american  liberalism  history  vietnam 
july 2009 by tsuomela
Matthew Yglesias » Bonus-Hungry Number-Crunchers Are No Substitute For Traditional Analysis
report on large banking automation of loan processing and delinquency rates. Turns out that large banks use hard FICO cutoffs that mask actual default rates.
economics  technocracy  banking  scale  too-big-to-fail 
april 2009 by tsuomela

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