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Wikipedia Gamergate scandal: How a bad source made Wikipedia wrong about itself.
"The online encyclopedia chews up and spits out bad facts, and its own policies are letting it happen."
wikipedia  online  editing  culture  crowdsourcing  crowds  bureaucracy  rules  feminism  gamergate 
february 2015 by tsuomela
[1403.3568] Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative Environment
"Wikipedia is a prime example of today's value production in a collaborative environment. Using this example, we model the emergence, persistence and resolution of severe conflicts during collaboration by coupling opinion formation with article editing in a bounded confidence dynamics. The complex social behavior involved in editing articles is implemented as a minimal model with two basic elements; (i) individuals interact directly to share information and convince each other, and (ii) they edit a common medium to establish their own opinions. Opinions of the editors and that represented by the article are characterised by a scalar variable. When the pool of editors is fixed, three regimes can be distinguished: (a) a stable mainstream article opinion is continuously contested by editors with extremist views and there is slow convergence towards consensus, (b) the article oscillates between editors with extremist views, reaching consensus relatively fast at one of the extremes, and (c) the extremist editors are converted very fast to the mainstream opinion and the article has an erratic evolution. When editors are renewed with a certain rate, a dynamical transition occurs between different kinds of edit wars, which qualitatively reflect the dynamics of conflicts as observed in real Wikipedia data."
preprint  research  modeling  agent-based-model  wikipedia  collaboration  mass-collaboration 
november 2014 by tsuomela
Mark Bernstein: Wikipedia: We Should Have Known
Part of a series of posts critical of Wikipedia and its ability to remain successful given sockpuppets, the crazies, and byzantine rules.
wikipedia  wiki  crowdsourcing  distributed  intelligence  failure 
june 2013 by tsuomela
"We exist to shine the light of scrutiny into the dark crevices of Wikipedia and its related projects; to examine the corruption there, along with its structural flaws; and to inoculate the unsuspecting public against the torrent of misinformation, defamation, and general nonsense that issues forth from one of the world’s most frequently visited websites, the “encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”"
wikipedia  open-access  communication  accountability 
may 2013 by tsuomela
[1212.0018] Evidence for Non-Finite-State Computation in a Human Social System
"Finite-State Machines are a basic model of computation, forming one of the simplest classes in the computational hierarchy. When given a probabilistic transition structure, they are one of the most common methods for description and prediction of symbolic time-series in the biological and social sciences. Here we show how a generalization of a central result for finite-state machines, the pumping lemma, to the probabilistic case, leads to a crucial constraint: sufficiently long sequences will be exponentially suppressed for finite-state processes. We apply the probabilistic pumping lemma to an analysis of behavioral patterns in the distributed, open-source Wikipedia community to demonstrate strong evidence for the emergence of functional powers over and above the regular grammars, and provide evidence to associate these with fundamentally interpersonal and social phenomena."
wikipedia  collaboration  modeling  computer-science  formal  complexity  self-organized 
april 2013 by tsuomela
The Long Now of Wikipedia – Lucretius, ver. 21c
"How much does Wikipedia have to say about each of these intervals?  The charts below show the length of each decade, century, and millennium summary article.  The metric for length is the number of bytes in the HTML of each page and thus is exclusive of images or other media.  These data are from the English version as of January 19, 2013."
wikipedia  history  future  time  writing  presentism 
february 2013 by tsuomela
How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit - Yoni Appelbaum - National - The Atlantic
"Each tale was carefully fabricated by undergraduates at George Mason University who were enrolled in T. Mills Kelly's course, Lying About the Past. Their escapades not only went unpunished, they were actually encouraged by their professor. Four years ago, students created a Wikipedia page detailing the exploits of Edward Owens, successfully fooling Wikipedia's community of editors. This year, though, one group of students made the mistake of launching their hoax on Reddit. What they learned in the process provides a valuable lesson for anyone who turns to the Internet for information. " Annotated link
online  truth  trust  wikipedia  learning  history  hoax  community 
may 2012 by tsuomela
Actor–observer bias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The hypothesis of an "actor–observer asymmetry" was first proposed by social psychologists, Jones and Nisbett in 1971. They hypothesized that “actors tend to attribute the causes of their behavior to stimuli inherent in the situation, while observers tend to attribute behavior to stable dispositions of the actor” (Jones
psychology  interpersonal  fundamental-attribution-error  attribution  self  other  action  wikipedia 
march 2011 by tsuomela
Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View: Settling Conflict through Ambiguity - The Information Society: An International Journal
"This article discusses how one of the most important Wikipedia policies, the “neutral point of view” (NPOV), is appropriated and interpreted by the participants in the Wikipedia project. By analyzing a set of constitutive documents for the Wikipedian universe, including discussion about NPOV, the authors conclude that ambiguity is at the heart of the policy process on Wikipedia. The overarching conclusion is that ambiguity on Wikipedia is not extraneous, but a central ingredient of this wiki project's policymaking. Ambiguity naturally develops from the pluralist and nonhierarchic values of the culture that brought Wikipedia to life, and this conclusion requires that we reconsider the nature of “neutrality” practiced on Wikipedia. "
wikipedia  research  neutrality  bias  process  crowdsourcing 
february 2011 by tsuomela
The Digital Universe Directory
The Digital Universe Directory is a collaboration between the Digital Universe Foundation and TRUNITY (which provides the technology platforms the powers the Digital Universe Directory). This Directory comprises a network of subject-specific web sites organized by topic into "Portals" – such as the Earth Portal or the Cosmos Portal – with reliable information from trusted sources covering a wide range of subjects.
reference  encyclopedia  education  wikipedia  reputation  expertise  evaluation 
september 2010 by tsuomela
Dunning–Kruger effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which "people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it".[1] The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their own ability as above average, much higher than in actuality; by contrast the highly skilled underrate their abilities, suffering from illusory inferiority. This leads to a perverse result where less competent people will rate their own ability higher than more competent people. It also explains why actual competence may weaken self-confidence because competent individuals falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. "Thus, the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others."
psychology  research  wikipedia  competence  expertise  cognition  metacognition  self-perception 
april 2010 by tsuomela
Pragmatism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pragmatism is the philosophy of considering practical consequences and real effects to be vital components of meaning and truth.
philosophy  pragmatism  history  wikipedia 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Jurisprudence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Capsule summaries of natural law, analytic jurisprudence, and normative jurisprudence.
law  theory  judicial  jurisprudence  philosophy  wikipedia 
july 2009 by tsuomela
Epicureanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Epicurus regarded ataraxia (tranquility, freedom from fear) and aponia (absence of pain) as the height of happiness. He also considered prudence an important virtue and perceived excess and overindulgence to be contrary to the attainment of ataraxia and aponia.
philosophy  greek  ancient  epicureanism  reference  wikipedia 
march 2009 by tsuomela
Spanish American War
dedicated site, extensive transcripts of war reports, etc
wikipedia  history  american  war  cuba  spain  19c  1890s  spanish-american-war 
march 2009 by tsuomela
The Republic of T. » Have You Ever Edited Wikipedia?
A number of different reports by people who have been unhappy with the politics of Wikipedia editing, especially the notability standards.
wikipedia  culture  norms  behavior  standards  encyclopedia 
february 2009 by tsuomela
Cultural Theory of risk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Cultural Theory of risk, often referred to simply as Cultural Theory, consists of a conceptual framework and an associated body of empirical studies that seek to explain societal conflict over risk. Whereas other theories of risk perception stress economic and cognitive influences, Cultural Theory asserts that structures of social organization endow individuals with perceptions that reinforce those structures in competition against alternative ones. Originating in the work of anthropologist Mary Douglas and political scientist Aaron Wildavsky,
cultural-theory  risk  perception  psychology  organization  groups  wikipedia 
february 2009 by tsuomela
Principal-agent problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In political science and economics, the principal-agent problem or agency dilemma treats the difficulties that arise under conditions of incomplete and asymmetric information when a principal hires an agent.
economics  political-science  wikipedia  reference  agents  principal-agent  problems  incentives 
january 2009 by tsuomela
Alternative currency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alternative currency is a term that refers to any currency used as an alternative to the dominant national or multinational currency systems (usually referred to as national or fiat money).
wikipedia  reference  money  alternative  alternative-currency  localism  economics 
january 2009 by tsuomela
Morris Louis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Morris Louis (Morris Louis Bernstein) (November 28, 1912 - September 7, 1962) is a United States abstract expressionist painter, one of the many such painters to emerge in the 1950s
wikipedia  american-art  modernism  art  painting  abstract-art  wac  biography  reference 
september 2008 by tsuomela
Advances in the History of Psychology » Blog Archive » Presentism in the Service of Diversity?
"An interesting clash of historiographic sensibilities has cropped up of late on the Wikipedia entry on the history of psychology." comments and article are good discussion of how Wikipedia works or doesn't work for historical topics.
history  science  psychology  islam  medieval  wikipedia  popularize  historiography 
february 2008 by tsuomela
UCSC Wiki Lab - WikiLab - The UCSC Wiki Lab
visualization of trust in wikipedia using color text highlighting
wiki  trust  research  web  wikipedia  via:paulbhartzog 
august 2007 by tsuomela
Overton window - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It describes a "window" in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on an issue. The technique relies on people promoting ideas even less acceptable than the previous "outer fringe" ideas.
politics  rhetoric  wikipedia  definition  extremism 
june 2007 by tsuomela
The Art of Wikigroaning
First, find a useful Wikipedia article that normal people might read. For example, the article called "Knight." Then, find a somehow similar article that is longer, but at the same time, useless to a very large fraction of the population. In this case, we
wikipedia  online  culture  geek  reference  accuracy  information  literacy  games 
june 2007 by tsuomela
The Ignorance of Crowds
The bottom line is that peer production has valuable but limited applications. It can be a powerful tool, but it is no panacea
peer-production  community  wiki  wikipedia  networks  knowledge  knowledge-management 
june 2007 by tsuomela
Visualizing the Overlap between the 100 Most Visited Pages on Wikipedia for September 2006 to January 2007
This paper compares the monthly lists of the 100 most visited Wikipedia pages for the period of September 2006 to January 2007.
wikipedia  visualization  information 
may 2007 by tsuomela
PostClassic: Sand Castles of Knowledge
It turns out that Wikipedia has a difficult time holding on to experts to edit their articles.
wikipedia  criticism  knowledge  expertise  web2.0 
may 2007 by tsuomela - Using Wikipedia as a Web Database is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia
and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask
sophisticated queries against Wikipedia and to link other datasets on the Web
to Wikipedia da
wikipedia  data-mining  semanticweb 
april 2007 by tsuomela
Cites & Insights 7:3 - Net Perspective: Wikipedia Revisited
walt crawford reviews some history of wikipedia and current controversies
wiki  wikipedia  review  commentary  history  online  sociology 
march 2007 by tsuomela
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