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1) All successful people are ambitious.

2) Billionaires don’t care about the money. There's always some other driver.

3) Very few people are truly happy and fulfilled. The happiest people tend to be those with simpler lives.
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august 2018 by twm
Moral narcissism | Hans Kundnani
moral narcissism: the tendency to think about morality in terms of how your actions make you feel about yourself rather in terms of their consequences for others.
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june 2018 by twm
The most successful people I've met
The most successful people I've met:
1. They learn constantly, push themselves out of their comfort zones, and admit they know very little
2. They develop and help others
2. They create rather than consume
3. They are curious, focused, and energetic
4. They are more excited by the journey, than then the destination
5. They believe in themselves, and are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed
6. They seek truth, not attention
7. They communicate clearly and effectively
8. They ask the right questions and rely on people who have the right answers
9. They drive changes rather than being driven by them
10. They build life-long relationships, and treasure loyal friends and colleagues
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june 2018 by twm
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