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Demo/example of an app using react-three
redux  react  react-three  canvas  devtools  demo 
october 2015 by unbracketed
Separate your state from your components.

Higher-order component to wrap your stateless React components in a Flux container. (as a standalone library)
react  container  components 
july 2015 by unbracketed
DX tool for designing truly encapsulated React components.
react  tools  dx  testing  playground  components 
july 2015 by unbracketed
Redux bindings for React Router – keep your router state inside your Redux store
react  redux  react-router 
july 2015 by unbracketed
Classical and Functional React Get Married and Bind the Knot in a Decorated Wedding — Medium
Two weeks ago, I described how to setup a simple, powerful, and highly performant functional architecture using immutable data structures in React with less than 100 lines of code. To summarize, by utilizing immutable data structures and a two-line subedit function, we were able to construct some simple mixins that automatically optimized shouldComponentUpdate to have a runtime of O(1) for arbitrarily large data sets.

Now, we’ll again use those lessons learned but instead of instantiating components with our bespoke component function, we’ll use idiomatic ES2015 (ES6) classes that extend React’s built-in Component class, with a sprinkling of ES2016 (ES7) decorators to take the place of mixins.
react  es6  es7  decorators  hoc 
july 2015 by unbracketed
Paste ofCode
Example of composing components with children
react  composing 
june 2015 by unbracketed
A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-hot-loader
react  redux  webpack  hot-loader  flux  starter  univeral 
june 2015 by unbracketed
JavaScript Scene Tech Survey Results — JavaScript Scene — Medium
This summer, JavaScript Scene conducted a JavaScript tech survey via social media over the course of a few days. Just under 800 people participated. Respondents are all engaged in JavaScript discussions on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Most of the respondents came from Twitter. As promised, here are the results:
javascript  trends  frameworks  angular  react 
june 2015 by unbracketed
A collection of awesome React libraries, resources and shiny things.
react  guide  links  index  tutorials  tools 
june 2015 by unbracketed
A simple minimal webpack + react/ES6 boilerplate for the front-end.

Front-end tests are super important, so for me to consider webpack as a possible build tool, it had to make executing front-end tests easy. Which is does - with the help of a few friends.

What this boilerplate features:

Simple build and auto rebuild (watch) using npm run scripts
ES6/7 and JSX compiling to ES5 with babeljs
Frontend tests using the Mocha framework
eslint for linting
cssnext for transpiling CSS4+ to CSS3
webpack  react  project-starter 
june 2015 by unbracketed
An overview of Javascript reactive frameworks | Echo One
This post is only meant to be a snapshot of the current state of the various DOM virtualising webframeworks that are around. I’m partly publishing it to try and discover more that I may not be aware of.
javascript  framework  application  architecture  immutablejs  omniscient  mercury  cycle  webrx  deku  react  rxjs  observables 
june 2015 by unbracketed
A nice writeup about structuring React applications and solving common problems without using Flux.
react  patterns 
june 2015 by unbracketed
Unit testing React components without a DOM – – Portfolio and blog of a London based front-end web developer
When unit testing React components the common approach has been to render them into a DOM (with something like jsdom) and run some assertions against them with the help of the React TestUtils.

This has changed in 0.13 where an early implementation of shallow rendering is now ready to use.
react  testing  shallow-rendering  reactelement 
june 2015 by unbracketed

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