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Accessible colour
The role of colour in accessible design is widely acknowledged, yet often misunderstood. Stephanie Walter introduces a selection of tools and resources to help designers use colour to enhance - not hamper - accessibility.
ux  accessibility  design  color  colour 
7 weeks ago by uxbri
The user experience of choosing the simplest possible words
UX is rife with jargon which can alienate non-designers. Should we be doing more to simplify the language of our discipline to make it more accessible?
communication  design  writing  jargon  simplicity  accessibility  complexity  user-experience  ux  language 
11 weeks ago by uxbri
Universal design
Accessibility and equality are central concerns for today's designers. The principle of universal design - developed within architecture - has stood the test of time as an approach towards designing for inclusion.
design  universal  accessibility  equality  architecture  inclusion  ux 
january 2020 by uxbri

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