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Shortcuts actions - Matthew Cassinelli
Mattew Cassinelli put together a great reference for all iOS Shortcut actions.
ios  shortcuts  reference  linkfodder  MatthewCassinelli 
may 2019 by vanderwal
CSS Grid Layout - CSS | MDN
"CSS Grid layout brings a two-dimensional layout tool to the web, with the ability to lay out items in rows and columns. CSS Grid can be used to achieve many different layouts. It excels at dividing a page into major regions, or defining the relationship in terms of size, position, and layer, between parts of a control built from HTML primitives."
css  grid  via:gavin  layout  web  webdesign  reference 
may 2017 by vanderwal
Activating Browser Modes with Doctype
One of the best page on Doctype I have read in a long time!
fromdelicious  quirksmode  html5  standards  web  xhtml  css  reference  doctype  html  webdesign  webdev 
may 2012 by vanderwal - The Central File Extensions Registry
A great resource to know what software will open what files given their file extention.
software  file_extension  extension  reference 
april 2012 by vanderwal
startuptools / FrontPage
A wiki listing common and helpful startup tools
startup  business  reference  startups  tools  entrepreneur  wiki 
march 2011 by vanderwal
Kicker Studio: Essential Interaction Design Essays and Articles
Dan Saffer has compiled a list of core interaction design essays and articles that form its corpus (although this list is not yet complete and is still growing)
ixd  interactiondesign  reference  resource  design  kickerstudio  dansaffer  corpus  essays 
september 2010 by vanderwal
Phone Numbers, Shortcuts & Customer Service Tips - Companies Worldwide -
Phone numbers, shortcuts, tips, contact info, reviews, and customer service details for thousands of companies worldwide. Get faster and better technical support or general customer support by checking the contact information, tips, and ratings from
phone  human  customerservice  reference  information  business  lifehacks  hacks  service  advice  consumer  customer 
february 2010 by vanderwal
BBC NEWS | Magazine | What commuter cyclists can learn from Chris Hoy
The British cycling heroes in Beijing were a class apart, but they showed techniques that anyone who rides a bike can adopt and benefit from.
cycling  olympics  road  reference  pleasure  commuting 
september 2008 by vanderwal
Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map
A great resource for pointing at a web map (Google map) and getting the lat/long for that location.
longitude  latitude  latlong  map  googlemaps  geography  lat  long  geocode  mapping  location  reference  simonwillison 
august 2008 by vanderwal
A community contributed database for looking up numbers that have called
phone  phonenumber  lookup  reference  resource  search  socialsoftware  socialcomputing  community  directory  telephone 
april 2008 by vanderwal
A List Apart: Articles: Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards
Good tutorial on accessible data visualizations, but also a great how to on data visualizations
chart  markup  data  design  graphing  infographics  howto  reference  visualization  web  webdesign  webstandards  accessibility 
april 2008 by vanderwal
Game Plan Energy Literacy
Saul provides a great site at Watzon that outlines power consumption and more efficient ways of living on our planet
energy  environment  innovation  presentation  saulgriffen  education  reference  waste  greening 
march 2008 by vanderwal
TagSchema - MySQL Forge Wiki
A resource for understanding and sharing MySQL database schemas for social bookmarking.
tag  tagging  tags  folksonomy  mysql  optimization  schema  database  coding  webdev  wiki  technology  socialsoftware  sql  programming  reference  socialbookmarking  socialcomputing  socialtagging  social 
march 2008 by vanderwal
CSS Reference
CSS guide with examples and browser support.
css  webdesign  web  webdev  webstandards  standards  design  layout  howto  guides  reference 
february 2008 by vanderwal
The Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies
A taxonomy of all of the logical fallacies listed in the Fallacy Files, based upon the subfallacy relationship.
logic  taxonomy  rhetoric  resource  reference  psychology  cognition  cogsci  hierarchy 
january 2008 by vanderwal
Knorr Cetina & Bruegger (2000) The Market as an Object of Attachment
Karin Knorr Cetina explains the object centered sociality in the framework of research around finance instruments
sociology  KnorrCetina  sociality  object  objectcenteredsociality  finance  economics  interaction  sharing  communication  digital  research  reference  socialobject  academic 
january 2008 by vanderwal
List of American words not widely used in Great Britain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A long list of American words that are not understood in Great Britain, but includes the British translation/synonym
vocabulary  reference  linguistics  language  writing  wikipedia  uk  britain  american  usa  thesaurus  synonyms 
december 2007 by vanderwal
Wikipatterns - Wiki Patterns
A set of social interactions and stereotypical role patterns found in wikis
wiki  patterns  people  social  socialnetworking  teamwork  usage  ux  web  webapp  webdev  webdesign  management  resource  reference  guides  ia  information  community  communication  bestpractice 
december 2007 by vanderwal
Riding Rails: Rails 2.0: Preview Release
An overview of what is coming in the next version of Ruby on Rails
coding  http  programming  rails  ruby  reference  webdev 
october 2007 by vanderwal
i love typography
A wonderful blog about typography and tools around typography
typography  webdesign  design  typeface  type  tools  technology  blog  graphics  fonts  reference  resource 
august 2007 by vanderwal
AirPower Home
The resource for finding power supplies in airports
travel  wifi  wiki  tools  reference  power  network  laptop  electronics  guide  electricity  directory  air 
july 2007 by vanderwal
HTML5 differences from HTML4
A quick look at the proposed HTML5 as it compares to HTML4 from the perspective of the W3C.
w3c  standards  reference  programming  markup  html  document  doc  development  dev  webdesign  webdev  browser 
june 2007 by vanderwal
Another Nokia related blog filled with seemingly helpful information.
cellphone  blog  e61i  gadgets  mobile  information  nokia  osx  phone  reference  resource  smartphone  software  technology  tools  wifi  series60 
june 2007 by vanderwal
File Signatures
A listing of file signatures that indicate the file type and the application type that made the file.
code  data  documentation  files  hacking  programming  reference  metadata  software 
june 2007 by vanderwal
mezzoblue :: Simulacrum
Dave Shea shows how to add focal blur to images in Photoshop
adobe  cs3  design  focus  graphics  howto  image  perspective  photo  photography  photos  photoshop  reference  style  tutorial  web  webdesign  images 
may 2007 by vanderwal
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