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Updating Bios - Soekris Info Wiki
how to use cu (instead of relying on terminal support) and lrzsz together. should also work with ssh when you don't want to re-connect or re-authorize.
serial  file  transfer  ssh 
february 2018
SSL/TLS Decryption - uncovering secrets
SharkFest ’17 Europe Wednesday November 8th, 2017
Peter Wu
Wireshark Core Developer
tls  decrypt 
february 2018
ID Utils
> An 'ID database' is a binary file containing a list of file names, a list of tokens, and a sparse matrix indicating which tokens appear in which files.

Lightweight CLI inverted index?
text  search  grep  index  cli  lucene 
february 2018
There is No Now - ACM Queue
Problems with simultaneity in distributed systems
time  distributed  systems  programming  kafka  logs  architecture 
february 2018
org-scraps Eric Schulte 2012-02-08
A collection of short Org-mode snippets demonstrating the usage of
code blocks.
org-mode  emacs 
january 2018
fastcapa - fast network packet capture to Kafka leveraging DPDK · apache metron
The probe will bind to a network interface, capture network packets, and send the raw packet data to Kafka. This provides a scalable mechanism for ingesting high-volumes of network packet data into a Hadoop-y cluster.
kafka  pcap 
december 2017
rmlint (2.6.1 Penetrating Pineapple) documentation
finds space waste and other broken things on your filesystem and offers to remove it. It is able to find:

Duplicate files & directories.
Nonstripped Binaries
Broken symlinks.
Empty files.
Recursive empty directories.
Files with broken user or group id.
december 2017
Infrastructure Layouts Involving TLS - HAProxy
Pass-through, Bridging with re-encryption, Offloading, Encryption proxy
haproxy  tls 
november 2017
k88hudson/git-flight-rules: Flight rules for git
step-by-step, what to do if X occurs, and why. Essentially, they are extremely detailed, scenario-specific standard operating procedures.
git  undo  sop 
november 2017
How the West Was Wired, Telecommunications Article |
A look at how Great Plains farmers used barbed-wire fences to transmit telephone calls.
telecom  history 
august 2017
I would pay real money for a dramatic reading of the interview by
july 2017
News: 11,000 customer records leaked, data includes passport scans
july 2017
K. S. Enterprises, UK Based Money Transfer Service Leaks Private Customer Details
News: 11,000 customer records leaked, data includes passport scans
july 2017
Bespoke Processors: A New Path to Cheap Chips - IEEE Spectrum
"attempt to construct 1-cent disposable microcontrollers on plastic using printed electronics"

Buried in here:
july 2017
Quite impressive how effective the DOJ is at jailing anyone associated with Bitcoin crime, but could't jail a singl…
july 2017
Idyll Editor
Great: Idyll now has an online editor
july 2017
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