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Same for mine. They can control the fax but your Twitter account a whole other ballgame...
july 2018 by versoe
RT : Stories across networks:

Instagram Stories 300M
WhatsApp Status 300M
Snapchat 187M ⬇️

smm  socialmedia 
april 2018 by versoe
RT : to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit.
Twitter  SMM  SocialMedia 
may 2016 by versoe
What you don’t know about Internet algorithms is hurting you. (And you probably don’t know very much!) - The Washington Post
RT @VIULibrary: What's in your FB feed? Not everything from friends! "What you don’t know about Internet algorithms is hurting you"
socialmedia  personalization 
april 2015 by versoe
HMV Workers Hijack Company Twitter Feed As They're Being Fired
RT : This will go down as one of the classic all-time : >> HMV employees live twe ...
Fails  SocialMedia 
february 2013 by versoe
Interesting research on the link between online actions and off–line activities
socialmedia  identity  psychology 
june 2011 by versoe
Virginia Poised to Ban Teacher-Student Texting, Facebooking
Yes, but should we dm our students? re: Virginia Poised to Ban Teacher-Student Texting, Facebooking via
privacy  marketing  facebook  socialmedia  mark430 
january 2011 by versoe
Digital Identity Matters (Rhizome Project)
The Rhizome awareness report entitled ‘Digital Identity Matters’ highlights the issues we face when dealing with our online identities. It outlines the design pattern approach that has been used to help define a set of problems and their solutions that all relate to our understanding and use of a digital identity.
internet  socialmedia  digital  identity  secondlife  virtualworlds  anonymity 
june 2010 by versoe
Predicting the Future with Social Media (Asur & Huberman)
Study of the efficacy of Twitter at forecasting box-office revenue from movies
socialmedia  twitter  internet  marketing  strategy  trends  mark430 
june 2010 by versoe

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