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Mojo – MojoHaus Maven Plugins Project
The MojoHaus project is a collection of plugins for Apache Maven 2 & 3.
mojo  mojohaus  maven  plugin  java  programming  build  tool 
1 hour ago
The Hassle-Free JavaScript Toolchain Manager
notion  javascript  toolchain  manager  node  nodejs  web  programming  tool  environment  version 
11 days ago
Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer? Learn how classic game hardware worked. Write code and see it run instantly.
8bitworkshop  assembly  console  programming  online  hardware  emulator 
19 days ago
WebSockets, the UNIX way. Full duplex messaging between web browsers and servers.
websocketd  websockets  web  programming  duplex  messaging  server  unix 
19 days ago
Inter UI font family
Inter UI is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens.
inter  ui  font  typography  free 
20 days ago
Faktory - high-performance background job system
High-performance job processing for the polyglot enterprise.
faktory  background  job  processing  scheduler  polyglot  programming 
20 days ago
AdonisJs - Node.js web framework
AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework with a breath of fresh air and drizzle of elegant syntax on top of it. We prefer developer joy and stability over anything else.
adonis  adonisjs  javascript  node  nodejs  server  web  framework  programming 
20 days ago
Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
Open source content management for your Git workflow
netlify  cms  git  react  static  generator  web 
23 days ago
SPIFFE – Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone
Inspired by the production infrastructure of Google and others, SPIFFE is a set of open-source standards for securely identifying software systems in dynamic and heterogeneous environments.
spiffe  security  authentication  authorization  identity  framework  programming  standard 
24 days ago
Build Amazing Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps with Ionic Framework and Angular
Ionic is the beautiful, free and open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps with ease.
ionic  framework  web  mobile  ios  android  pwa  programming  angular  front-end  ui  component 
25 days ago
AWS Lambda in kubernetes
refunc  kubernetes  aws  lambda  runtime  devops 
25 days ago
A kata is an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making little improvements in each. Code Kata is an attempt to bring this element of practice to software development.
code  kata  programming  practice  learning 
25 days ago
JBoss Dockerfiles
This organization contains Dockerfiles that can be used to build Docker images with JBoss Community projects.
jboss  docker  devops  container  java  runtime  collection 
26 days ago - Service Meshes
The service mesh landscape characterizes and contrasts service meshes and related technologies.
service  mesh  comparison  collection  programming  devops 
27 days ago
The Internals of PostgreSQL for database administrators and system developers
In this document, the internals of PostgreSQL for database administrators and system developers are described.
postgresql  postgres  database  book  online  administration  tutorial  reference 
4 weeks ago Japanese Dictionary
Jisho is a powerful Japanese-English dictionary. It lets you find words, kanji, example sentences and more quickly and easily.
jisho  japanese  english  dictionary  online  language  learning  kanji 
4 weeks ago
A Chrome Developer Tool designed to help engineers debug React-GraphQL applications. Visualize the component hierarchy, state/props data and state changes of your React application. See your GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations in real-time.
lucid  chrome  devtools  react  graphgl  visualization  programming  javascript  component  web 
4 weeks ago
Security Checklist
An open source checklist of resources designed to improve your online privacy and security. Check things off to keep track as you go.
security  checklist  user  privacy  internet  online  resource  collection 
4 weeks ago
SurveyJS: Free Online Survey and Quiz Tools
SurveyJS is a complete, fully customizable and extendable survey and form builder solution.
surveyjs  survey  javascript  form  builder  programming  tool  web 
4 weeks ago
AlaSQL - JavaScript SQL Database Library
JavaScript SQL database for browser and Node.js. Handles both traditional relational tables and nested JSON data (NoSQL). Export, store, and import data from localStorage, IndexedDB, or Excel.
alasql  javascript  sql  database  library  programming  browser  relational  json  nosql 
4 weeks ago
Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours
A recreation of the original 1821 color guidebook with new cross references, photographic examples, and posters designed by Nicholas Rougeux
color  colour  design  guide  guideline  reference  nomenclature 
4 weeks ago
Dimensions.Guide | Database of Dimensioned Drawings
Dimensions.Guide is a comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
dimension  measurement  reference  database  collection  resource  drawing  design  standard  size  architecture 
5 weeks ago
MDX is a format that lets you seamlessly use JSX in your Markdown documents.
mdx  markdown  jsx  javascript  react  document  web  programming  html 
5 weeks ago
Flexbox fallbacks for popular UI solutions that use CSS Grid.
css  grid  flexbox  web  programming  ui  tutorial 
5 weeks ago
CSS Grid Layout Generator
The Quickest & Easiest Way To Build Complex CSS Grid Layouts
css  grid  layout  generator  online  web  programming  tool 
5 weeks ago - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool
A free and simple tool to draw ER diagrams by just writing code.
Designed specially for developers and data analysts.
dbdiagram  database  er  entity  relationship  diagram  tool  code  visualization  model  modeling 
5 weeks ago
Rook is an open source cloud-native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, providing the platform, framework, and support for a diverse set of storage solutions to natively integrate with cloud-native environments.
rook  kubernetes  file  storage  orchestration  ceph  devops  framework 
5 weeks ago
Git Explorer
Find the right commands you need without digging through the web.
git  command  explorer  reference  tool  programming 
5 weeks ago
Gotenberg · A Docker-powered stateless API for converting HTML, Markdown and Office documents to PDF.
Gotenberg is a Docker-powered stateless API for converting HTML, Markdown and Office documents to PDF.
gotenberg  docker  api  document  conversion  html  markdown  pdf  programming 
6 weeks ago
ONNX is a open format to represent deep learning models. With ONNX, AI developers can more easily move models between state-of-the-art tools and choose the combination that is best for them.
onnx  neural  network  ai  model  format  machine-learning  machine  learning  programming 
6 weeks ago
Exercism is an online platform designed to help you improve your coding skills through practice and mentorship.
exercism  programming  learning  online  coding  exercise  practice 
6 weeks ago
ReactDOM – The React Site.
Learn from the Best Programming Tutorials & Books
programming  resource  tutorial  collection 
6 weeks ago
An open-access platform for anyone who wants to understand the economics of innovation, inequality, environmental sustainability, and more
textbook  economics  online  core 
7 weeks ago
A spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain
guesstimate  simulation  spreadsheet  statistics  data  prediction  model 
7 weeks ago
TaaS Project
For Terminal as a Service. Your terminal with root access in 30s.
terminal  taas  service  online  linux  command-line  debian 
7 weeks ago
Angular Augury
A Chrome and Firefox Dev Tools extension for debugging Angular applications.
augury  angular  browser  chrome  firefox  extension  devtools  debug  debugging  web  programming  javascript  typescript 
8 weeks ago
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