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Reltron is a prototype user interface for exploring relational databases.
database  ui  visualization  ux  innovation 
13 days ago
Eccentric J
I climbed the mountain of madness only to find the peaks smell a lot like functional programming.
oop  functional-programming 
19 days ago
Rust on iOS – Visly – Medium
You may have heard of rust, it’s a systems programming language designed for memory safety and speed. Built by Mozilla to power the next generation high performance cross platform software. If you…
rust  ios 
21 days ago
Documentation - Beaker Browser
Learn more about Beaker, dat://, and the peer-to-peer Web
dat  browser 
23 days ago
Pourquoi il faut (sérieusement) s’intéresser à Fortnite
Il aurait pu être question de géopolitique, d’environnement ou de technologie de rupture. Pour le premier focus de Signaux Faibles, c’est un thème en apparence moins stratégique qui sera pourtant mis en avant ici : le jeu vidéo, et en particulier un jeu, Fortnite. Pourquoi donc s’intéresser à un jeu vidéo lorsque l’on n’est pas soi-même…
26 days ago
Static single page application | @bloodyowl
Front-end developer and designer. ReasonML, ReasonReact, ReactJS.
reasonML  react 
27 days ago
Usul. Peut-on poser la question de la violence ? - YouTube
D’un côté de la barricade comme de l’autre, on peine à mettre en mots ces images qui font le tour des chaînes d’info en continu comme des réseaux sociaux. Qu’elle vienne du pouvoir ou des manifestants, la violence est compliquée à justifier dans une société démocratique qui a fait le pari de régler les conflits par le dialogue et le jeu des élections. Mais quand plus personne ne veut jouer le jeu, la situation se grippe, et resurgit l’éternelle violence. Est-il possible de la défendre ? Quel discours est tenable à son égard ? Ce sont les questions que se pose cette semaine l'équipe d'Ouvrez les guillemets en compagnie de deux journalistes, David Dufresne et Vincent Glad, et d’une élue, Corinne Morel Darleux. ☞ Tous les épisodes d'Ouvrez les guillemets : ☞ Abonnez-vous à Mediapart : ☞ Abonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube de Mediapart :
27 days ago
A Look at the Design of Lua
Simplicity, small size, portability, and embeddability set Lua apart from other scripting languages.
lua  plt  design  language 
29 days ago
Design duality and the expression problem
A fundamental question in program design: how is this type open?
design  oop  type-system  functional-programming  adt 
4 weeks ago
System boundaries: the focus of design
Efforts must be focused on where the system cannot evolve gracefully.
systems  design  api  monorepo 
4 weeks ago
System boundaries and the Linux kernel
A short case study on the effects of freezing or freeing an API.
systems  design  plugin  api 
4 weeks ago
Solving murder with Prolog
In our company we usually have a fun quiz every sunday and this was one of them
quiz  prolog 
5 weeks ago
How to Write SQL
Kris Jenkins cooked up a very nice way
to embed SQL in your
code: YeSQL for Clojure. The main
idea is that you should be writing your SQL queries in .sql files in your
code repository and maintain them there.

The idea is very good and it is now possible to find alternative
implementations of the Clojure yesql library in
other languages. Today, we are going to have a look at one of them for
the python programming
language: anosql.
sql  best-practices 
5 weeks ago
Why Are There 24 Hours In A Day, But 60 Minutes In An Hour?
In today's world, we widely use the decimal number system, a system that is believed to have originated because it made it easy for us to count things on our fingers
5 weeks ago
Scenic framework
erlang  elixir  gui 
7 weeks ago
unikernels/ at master · cetic/unikernels

The objective of this project was to explore the technology of unikernels and their possibilities in real-world applications.
8 weeks ago
Version 1 - Look ma, no OS! Deploying an Erlang/OTP application as a LING unikernel in EC2
This presentation is for the Denver Erlang / Elixir meetup and includes an introduction to unikernels, rump kernels, and anykernels as well as a demo of how to deploy an Erlang application to EC2 as a unikernel using the LING toolchain.
erlang  elixir  ocaml  unikernel  xen  visualization 
8 weeks ago
OCaml from the Very Beginning
A book about functional programming with OCaml right from the beginning.
Available as a printed book or Kindle e-book from Amazon, and as a DRM-free
PDF ebook. Sample chapters.
ocaml  book 
8 weeks ago
crowbar/ at master · stedolan/crowbar
Crowbar is a library for testing code, combining QuickCheck-style property-based testing and the magical bug-finding powers of afl-fuzz.
ocaml  testing  fuzzing  property-based-testing  quickcheck 
8 weeks ago
Refactoring UI: The Book
Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer's point-of-view.
design  color  colorscheme 
9 weeks ago
A new general computation model for Dune
Dune is fast. However, if you try to use Dune to develop in a big workspace such as the OCaml platform repository, you will notice...
ml  ocaml  build 
9 weeks ago
For me, estimation is valuable when it helps you make a significant decision.
9 weeks ago
Lambda World 2018 - MirageOS, towards a smaller and safer OS - Romain Calascibetta - YouTube
This presentation by Romain Calascibetta took place at Lambda World Cádiz on October 26th, 2018 at the Palacio de Congresos in Cádiz, Spain. MirageOS, towards a smaller and safer OS Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details -
video  ocaml  docker  virtualization 
9 weeks ago
Our current OCaml best practices, part 2
The blog where the engineers behind Issuu share their experiences
ocaml  reasonML  ml  best-practices 
10 weeks ago - software hosting for hackers
This is the open source software suite for managing your software development projects that you've been waiting for. Managed instances of our services are provided here for your convenience.
hosting  sysadmin  git  todolist  opensource  documentation 
11 weeks ago
Unification - Eli Bendersky's website
In logic and computer science, unification is a process of automatically solving equations between symbolic terms. Unification has several interesting applications, notably in logic programming and type inference.
compiler  computer-science  type-system  pattern-matching 
november 2018
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