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A Look at the Design of Lua
Simplicity, small size, portability, and embeddability set Lua apart from other scripting languages.
lua  plt  design  language 
28 days ago by vipom
Design duality and the expression problem
A fundamental question in program design: how is this type open?
design  oop  type-system  functional-programming  adt 
4 weeks ago by vipom
System boundaries: the focus of design
Efforts must be focused on where the system cannot evolve gracefully.
systems  design  api  monorepo 
4 weeks ago by vipom
System boundaries and the Linux kernel
A short case study on the effects of freezing or freeing an API.
systems  design  plugin  api 
4 weeks ago by vipom
Refactoring UI: The Book
Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer's point-of-view.
design  color  colorscheme 
8 weeks ago by vipom
Eva Icons - beautifully crafted Open Source UI icons for common actions and items.
Eva Icons is a pack of 480 delightful icons available for free. Download Eva Icons to use them in your products for mobile and web apps. Available as SVG, PNG, Web Font and Sketch. Open Source, built by the Nebular team.
icons  design  free  opensource 
november 2018 by vipom
Moving Enterprise Innovation Beyond Failing Fast | ThoughtWorks
No matter how fast we fail, simply stumbling across a masterwork, whether in literature or product innovation, is improbable at best.
agile  product  design 
october 2018 by vipom
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
design  illustration  svg  resources  free 
august 2018 by vipom
In Pursuit of Production Minimalism — Brandur Leach
Practicing minimalism with the lofty goal of total ephemeralization to build coherent, stable, and operable stacks.
architecture  design  minimalism  infrastructure 
august 2018 by vipom
Library Rules: How to make an open office plan work
Last week, DHH skewered the open office floor plan. He was right. But wait, we have an open office floor plan. And we’ve done a respectable job figuring out how to make it work. Maybe I should share…
office  culture  design 
july 2018 by vipom
The Tamagotchi Trap – Human Systems – Medium
Designers who work towards meaningful interactions and time well spent have tough questions to face: What is a good use of the users’ time? Why don’t users already interact meaningfully?”

These are…
design  ux  philosophy  ethic 
may 2018 by vipom
Popularity — soveran

Donald Knuth once said: If I find too many people adopting a certain idea I'd probably think it's wrong.
programming  culture  popularity  ideology  design  minimalist 
january 2018 by vipom
Modeling with Union Types
Clean up Maybe by modeling multiple shapes of data with union types.
design  programming  algebraic-data-types  type-system 
october 2017 by vipom
Booleans and Enums
Refactor common Boolean smells using enums (union types).
state  design  programming  elm  type-system  algebraic-data-types 
october 2017 by vipom
Understanding the npm dependency model
Ce post décrit les différences entre npm et d'autres package managers et indique l'intérêt de déclarer des peerDependencies.
npm  javascript  yarn  dependency  design  architecture 
september 2017 by vipom
The New LISP – Philip – Medium
I named this post after an essay Reyner Banham published in Architectural Critic in 1955. Banham’s essay, The New Brutalism, describes a new movement in architecture he calls ‘Brutalism’. If you’re…
clojure  lisp  design  architecture 
june 2017 by vipom
Gilbert font created in tribute to designer of Rainbow Flag
After the death of Gilbert Baker – the designer of the universal symbol of gay pride, the Rainbow Flag – Ogilvy & Mather has created a commemorative font
design  typography  font 
may 2017 by vipom
Looking at Model-View-Controller in Cocoa
In this article, I’ll look at a little theory and history behind the primary application design pattern used in Cocoa. I’ll discuss the key shortcoming of Cocoa’s Model-View-Controller approach, Apple’s aborted efforts to address this shortcoming and wonder from where the next major improvements will come.
mvc  cocoa  smalltalk  ios  design  architecture 
march 2017 by vipom
Nothing To Be Done – Medium
There is a peculiar attitude, here at the beginning of the 21st century: we agree things aren’t fine, but there’s also a widespread feeling that there’s nothing to be done. This is unusual.
essay  history  humanity  design  philosophy 
january 2017 by vipom
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Google Cloud Platform icons and sample architectural diagrams, for your designing pleasure
Posted by Miles Ward, Global Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform Technology makes more sense when you map it out. That’s why we now ...
design  icons  slides 
december 2016 by vipom
White Alps64 Round 2 Board
Build Log of my SKCM White Alps64.
hardware  keyboard  design  apple 
november 2016 by vipom
Tutorial: Zero to Sixty in Racket
Racket is excellent for incrementally growing scripts into full-fledged programs. This post steps through the evolution of one small program and highlights the Racket tools that enable incremental advances....
racket  design  lisp 
august 2016 by vipom
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