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How to optimise your Go code – codeburst
Don’t optimise prematurely. Always measure everything to identify the right code paths that need a fix. Go GC doesn’t do stop-the-world scenarios a lot anymore but it still does the work in the…
go  golang  profiling  code  optimization  techniques  list  article  important 
20 hours ago by vonc
How to build an audio streaming server in Go – Valentijn Nieman – Medium
Audio in the browser is not always welcomed with open arms. With most videos shared on social media now anticipating people watching them with the sound turned off, homepages with background music…
go  golang  audio  stream  article 
2 days ago by vonc
How to Create a Custom Persistent Volume Plugin in Kubernetes via FlexVolume (Part-2)
In Part One I have talked about how to write a custom persistent volume (PV) driver based on FlexVolume’s specification, which enables one go ahead to create static PVs integrated with customised PV…
go  golang  kubernetes  persistent  volume  provisioner  article  important 
2 days ago by vonc
A (crazy?) approach to unit testing in Go – Andy Goldstein – Medium
I truly value unit tests. They ensure our code is working as expected. They ideally can run in isolation instead of requiring connectivity to external services, which is a good thing. Unit tests can…
go  golang  unittesting  steps  article 
2 days ago by vonc
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