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looterz/grimd: fast dns proxy that can run anywhere, built to black-hole internet advertisements and malware servers
grimd - :zap: fast dns proxy that can run anywhere, built to black-hole internet advertisements and malware servers
go  golang  reverse  proxy  blacklist  advertiser 
april 2016 by vonc
Using Cozy with Caddy - Discuss - Forum

As you may know, Cozy usually needs a reverse proxy to be functional. This reverse proxy is, most of the time, handled by a web server such as Apache or nginx.

Caddy is "an alternative web server that is …
caddy  go  golang  reverse  proxy  certificates 
march 2016 by vonc
docker-gen/ at master · jwilder/docker-gen
docker-gen is a file generator that renders templates using docker container meta-data.

It can be used to generate various kinds of files for:

Centralized logging - fluentd, logstash or other centralized logging tools that tail the containers JSON log file or files within the container.
Log Rotation - logrotate files to rotate container JSON log files
Reverse Proxy Configs - nginx, haproxy, etc. reverse proxy configs to route requests from the host to containers
Service Discovery -...
docker  generator  templates  container  metadata  log  logging  fluentd  logstash  json  nginx  reverse  proxy  etcd  service  discovery 
february 2016 by vonc
Documentation — Vulcand documentation 2.0 documentation
Vulcand is a reverse proxy for HTTP API management and microservices. It is inspired by Hystrix.

It uses Etcd as a configuration backend, so changes to configuration take effect immediately without restarting the service.
reverse  proxy  go  golang  etcd  restart 
april 2015 by vonc
oneoffcode / golo — Bitbucket
Inspired by goli (reverse search the path) looking for a .gopath file in order to set Go's GOPATH and then execute the command.
In this implementation I am going to eliminate the use of all 3rd party libs. Given this function's usefulness I do not believe there is a good reason to import as many dependencies as the gilo developer did.
While the project gilo project was an inspiration I like golo as a name to mean GO LOcal. Where lo is already an alias for local.
go  golang  env  path  reverse  dependencies  management 
january 2015 by vonc
Votre client mail est-il trop bavard ? « Korben Korben
Le site Email Privacy Tester permet de savoir si votre client mail ou webmail laisse fuiter votre IP et le User Agent de votre client mail lorsque vous ouvrez un email. Pour cela, l'outil utilise différentes techniques d'appel aux images, css et autres iframes pour tenter de choper votre adresse IP en lançant des appels à un serveur. Par exemple en insérant une vidéo : ou en appelant une CSS : En entrant votre adresse email dans Email Privacy Tester, vous saurez jusqu'à quel point votre client mail protège votre anonymat et quelles sont les choses à bloquer (si cela est possible) afin d'éviter que votre adresse IP ne fuite.
email  reverse  identity  hidden  masked  privacy  agent  user  client  webmail  ip  address 
november 2013 by vonc
configuration - nginx reverse proxy: How to implement? - Stack Overflow
See Nginx' map module

map $uri $proxy {

server {
proxy_pass $proxy;
Note that appending /clientX to the end of the proxy_pass URI strips that portion of the URI from the request (which seems rational to me, but may not be what you want).
nginx  rewrite  reverse  reverseproxy  proxy  map  server  mapping  url 
january 2013 by vonc
apache - ProxyHTML to rewrite URL - Stack Overflow
Ok, this is what I ended up doing to get it working

ProxyPass /translate/
ProxyPassReverse /translate/

ProxyHTMLURLMap /translate/
rewrite  reverse  slash  reverseproxy  root  proxy  apache  html  css  url 
january 2013 by vonc

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