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Macchiato Man
My name is Yagan Kiely (pronounced /ˈjeɪɡən/ [yay-gn] /kaɪliː/ [k-eye-lee]). I'm a Master's student (in Music Composition) and Academic Staff at a music conservatorium with an law degree living in Fremantle, Western Australia. I co-run the Fountain Pens Australia Facebook Group and the Sailor Pens & Ink Facebook Group. I started this blog to share my collection of inks, pens, and thoughts with the hope of contributing to the Fountain Pen landscape.
november 2018 by wardell - Buy Ballograf, Cross och Sheaffer pens here.
At Ballograf we have been producing since 1945. You find our factory in Västra Frölunda, just outside Gothenburg where we still use handwork to mount the pens. As Sweden's only pen manufacturer, we export to many different countries such as Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, USA and Italy. Each year, over 4 million ballpens and pencils are produced by the 30 employees. In our factory in Filipstad, we produce the Friendly pens, our own series of markers, which convince with their environmental friendliness.

Quality and satisfied customers are very important to us. Therefore, we provide lifetime warranty on the push-mechanism in our products. We use Swedish archive-proof ink, which is especially important for authorities and companies with special rules. In addition, we deliver a writing length of 8000m so the writing pleasure lasts longer!

Our classics are Epoca P and Rondo, which are particularly suitable for printing with different company logos. With the wide range of different colors, there is the appropriate model for all tastes and occasions. By the side of the classics you will find a wide range of pens and matching accessories, from Ballograf and other lovely brands.
october 2018 by wardell
Nibs |
Here at we offer a carefully curated selection of the finest new and pre-owned fountain pens available. We are also known worldwide for the nib customizations and repairs originated by John Mottishaw, the company’s owner. We also offer fountain pen inks, books about pens, and fountain pen accessories.

With a staff of dedicated sales and customer service personnel, we pride ourselves on providing unequalled support and service. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, every new pen receives our special nib set-up and optimization prodedure, in which it is carefully examined, tested, and adjusted for the individual writing characteristics and preferences of the end user. With the expertise of the workshop staff, nib defects or ink flow issues that might otherwise require a return for service under warranty are instead diagnosed and repaired prior to shipping to the customer. has been live online since 1996 and has long been an authoritative resource for information on fountain pens and their usage. Company founder John Mottishaw, who came to the world of fountain pens through a career in fine arts and metal sculpting, has become well-known throughout the pen community for his nib customizations and repairs, particularly his celebrated Spencerian modification, which has become a worldwide phenomenon after a customer video demonstrating its usage received over six million views on YouTube.

John is also a regular contributor to publications such as Pen World and The PENnant, and is now at work training a new generation of nib specialists in our LA-based workshop.
october 2018 by wardell
10.000 Writing instruments in stock, Montblanc, Cross, S.T. Dupont, Waterman, Parker | Penworld » More than 10.000 pens in stock, fast delivery
Penworld is a family-run business that was founded in 1924, for several generations we have been following the evolution of the world of pens. Today the 4th generation can perfectly help you with choosing the writing instrument that perfectly suits your needs.

We are official dealer of luxury brands like, Montblanc, Graf von Faber-Castel, S.T. Dupont, Caran d'Ache, Lamy, Cross, Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Visconti, ....

Be sure to also also visit our shop in Antwerp when you have the chance.
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september 2018 by wardell
In 1900, Waterman First gained notoriety at the Exposition Universelle In Paris, where it was awarded the gold medal of excellence, the highest accolade available. This early recognition would see Waterman adopted by the French public as an iconic mark, a sentiment that continues today with all our fine pens being made in France.

Long affiliated with the Waterman brand, Paris has always been a source of inspiration. From its world-renowned museums to its prominent literary scene, our vision has always drawn from the city's rich culture for the written word. Our collections of fine writing instruments epitomize Parisian style, representing a timeless display of taste and self-assurance.

Each Waterman pen is hand assembled and hand tested by a Waterman expert. From checking every nib for smoothness to making sure the quality of each pen is beyond magnificent. With every touch, we've grounded our legacy of crafting fine writing instruments that always give wings to limitless possibilities.

Over time we've redefined elegance as the perfect balance of beauty and innovation. We've devoted ourselves to making our pens emblems of elegance, meant to empower those that write with a Waterman to leave their mark of French sophistication.
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september 2018 by wardell
Official Homepage of Faber-Castell
Brand essentials

The “BRAND ESSENTIALS” define the core values of the Faber-Castell brand. They form the basis of what we do and how we do it – both within the company and in dealings with our customers, business partners, society and the environment. By preserving the core values of our brand, Faber-Castell remains unique throughout the world. Our Brand Essentials form the foundation for consistent brand management. They help us establish clear structures and guidelines and link and combine all areas of the company. In this way, we ensure sustainable growth.

Competence & Tradition

We use our competence based on our roots, our history, our experience and constant learning to shape our own future with entrepreneurial spirit. This guarantees a sound know-how to maintain or build a solid leadership, high degree of credibility and a strong global communication and distribution network based on fair partnership.

Outstanding Quality

We are determined to be the best of the class in all products and services. We respect the needs of the regional markets, always considering global requirements. We understand quality as ensuring:

clear point of difference, perceived and relevant added value
outstanding performance
characteristic and timeless design

Innovation & Creativity

We mean innovation and creativity as pioneering and providing continuous improvements to offer solutions with relevant benefits to end consumers. We stimulate our own creativity through an open working atmosphere, dedication, commitment and international interdisciplinary working teams.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We feel a consistent obligation and commitment towards people and environment. We practice our social responsibility within the company, with business partners and in the community. We prioritize and continuously search for environmental friendly processes and materials to contribute to planet preservation. We are ahead on anticipating future trends and impacts to accomplish our obligations and guarantee sustainability.
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september 2018 by wardell
A.T. Cross Pens - Executive Pen Gift Sets & Quality Mechanical Pencils | cross - US
The A. T. Cross Company is a major international manufacturer of fine writing instruments, timepieces, and personal accessories. Cross products are sold to consumers through fine stores worldwide and to the business gift market via a network of companies specializing in recognition programs.

Since Richard Cross made the first Cross product in 1846, we have re-invented the writing instrument category, combining design ingenuity with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. We were America's first manufacturer of quality writing instruments, and that means that we've been making pens people use, depend on and enjoy for a long time.

What we’re most proud of, though, isn’t all that’s changed since 1846. It’s what hasn’t changed. Headquartered in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island. A. T. Cross is proud to still be a part of the community we helped build. And we still make products unsurpassed in design and craftsmanship just as Richard Cross did one at a time and by hand.
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september 2018 by wardell
Montblanc Watches, Writing Instruments, Leather & Jewellery
Montblanc has been a consistently present beacon in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. Having been celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of writing instruments, we have since branched out in order to offer you exquisite watches, leather pieces, jewelry, fragrance and eyewear. Taking our name from the most prominent and highest summit in the Alps, Montblanc supports the conviction of preservation and opulence.

With operations in more than seventy countries, we at Montblanc tell our stories to a lively and varied audience. Selling our products exclusively through an international network of authorised retailers, jewelers and more than 360 boutiques, the brand Montblanc has become prominent in all corners of the globe.
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september 2018 by wardell
Sheaffer | Premium writing tools and accessories | sheaffer - US
At Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. we are proud to continue the tradition of innovation and quality craftsmanship that our founder, and original creative mind, Walter A. Sheaffer, envisioned way back in 1913. Starting as a backroom business with only seven employees, we’ve grown throughout the years into a top designer and manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools. Our American-grown company has been a world-wide lynchpin in the fine-writing industry and continues to set the bar above our competition with products that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity. Our employees come to work everyday with the same passion for excellence and drive that Walter A. Sheaffer and his family pioneered over 100 years ago.
Respect the Past

During the bank panic of 1873, Walter’s father, Jacob, had no alternative but to sell his jewelry store, and faced with virtual poverty, eleven year old Walter went to work. By 1889 Walter had earned enough cash to buy his own jewelry store in Fort Madison, Iowa. Walter moved to Iowa with his wife and two children, altered the history and economy for Fort Madison, and the fountain pen industry forever. In 1907, Walter A. Sheaffer used his jeweler expertise and aimed to create a device which would allow users to fill a pen with ink much easier, cleaner and aesthetically-pleasing. In 1912, Walter A. Sheaffer, dedicated his life savings to his idea of a pen-filling apparatus that initiates a lever system.

By the 1930’s, Sheaffer pens had solidified itself as a leader in the luxury pen market. The fountain pens were advertised as the pen that “fills instantly from any ink-well, with one touch of a finger.” Throughout the years we have maintained the desire for excellence and set forth expectations that provide our customers with a fine-writing instrument a step above the rest. Instantly, Sheaffer became a household name and must-have product in American homes.
Invent the Future


Sheaffer Pen Company is purchased by A.T. Cross and continues to grow and adapt to the changing market while holding fast to the original principles of its founder, Walter A. Sheaffer. The White Dot continues to symbolize pioneering change and innovation, and pushing past the limits to create a timeless masterpiece.


Sheaffer establishes ION collection. This portable, pocket-sized pen lets you write with quality craftsmanship wherever you go. With a stylish high-gloss resin and a pen cap that attaches to your key ring, the ION is a necessity for any student, nurse, doctor, or parent constantly on the move.
POP collection is introduced. POP allows consumers to express their mood and match their wardrobe with their pen now!

Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. continues the tradition by introducing a new line of innovative, cool and colorful tools of expression for all the curious minds out there. To make things more exciting, we teamed up with creative minds and artists from around the world, and gave them complete freedom to express their creativity. We were curious to see their unique perspective because that is the essence of who we are! The artwork can be found on our current collection lines, and will be seen on our growing list of products, such as calligraphy sets and other art supplies.

Let’s write the future together!
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september 2018 by wardell | Fine Writing Instruments - Pens, Inks & more
Pen Chalet was started because of a passion for fine writing instruments between a couple of friends in Mesa Arizona. We took this love of pens and created a website where other pen enthusiasts can share. We hope you enjoy!

At Pen Chalet we value our customers. Not only are we passionate about writing instruments, we are passionate about our customers having the best experience possible. This is why we have a satisfaction guarantee. Each of our writing instruments are guaranteed authentic and we want our customers to be happy with the items they receive. We want to provide luxury, high quality writing instruments at a value so others can share the same passion for pens. We work hard to ensure each and every order is right, from ordering and delivery to the final writing experience. At Pen Chalet we have "The Write Tools for the Analog Writer"!
august 2018 by wardell
Pen Boutique |Online store of Fine Writing pens, refills, ink and premium gifts in USA - Pen Boutique Ltd
With an eye for quality and outstanding customer service, Leena Shresta founded The Pen Boutique to "listen to customers and fulfill their wishes." The humble beginnings from the small store in Columbia , Maryland has grown during the last decade into a world leader in merchandising fine writing instruments and personalized gifts.

Pen Boutique has been given the great honor of having been chosen by Montblanc for its Shop-in-Shop and Signature Display experience at its Columbia, MD location. We are also proud to feature both the Graf von Faber-Castell as well as Cross, Waterman and Parker Shop-in-Shop experience. This is the only location in the United States to house all of these prestigious Shop-in-Shop displays under one roof.
august 2018 by wardell
Herbin Calligraphy Supplies | Fine Writing Ink, Calligraphy Pens, and Sealing Wax | Pen Ink Cartridges, Reed and Bamboo Pens
La Societe Herbin, Maitre Cirier a Paris, was established in 1670. Louis XIV, the Sun King, was 32 years old.

Generations of remarkable people, from Louis XIV to Coco Chanel, have used Herbin sealing wax. It is renown as one of the highest quality sealing waxes ever made. Herbin's special lacquer formula improved the quality of the seals in adhesion and neatness, helping him to become famous throughout the kingdom.

The original J. Herbin was a sailor, and from his many journeys to India he brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax and inks.

Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world. "La Perle des Encres" (The Jewel of Inks") was created in 1700. "L'Encre des Vaisseaux" ("Ship's Ink") was produced at an unknown date before then.

In 1798, Jacques Herbin, the 4th generation family scion, relocated the workshop and commercial establishment to Rue des Fosses-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris.

It was a time of tumult, discovery and industrialization. The French Revolution was ending, and Napoleon Bonaparte was beginning his ascent. This was also the time when steel nib dip pens began to replace quills for writing.

Herbin continued to develop new inks in the 19th century. They began production of India Ink (also known as Chinese Ink) in 1829. Their violet ink was the everyday color used by students during the Third Republic (1870-1940). Herbin even developed a special black ink just for Victor Hugo, one of the greatest French writers.

Today, Herbin produces a range of beautiful fountain pen and calligraphy inks, writing instruments, gift sets and accessories. Herbin inks are made in France, and the finishing touches on the bottles are still done by hand in Paris.
august 2018 by wardell
Writing Accessories | Online Shop | Montblanc
Writing accessories from Montblanc

Elegant writing instruments with the characteristic Montblanc emblem have existed for more than a hundred years. Writing accessories from Montblanc make writing a pleasure. And it goes without saying that Montblanc accessories are of the same high quality as its elegant writing instruments. Ink in different colors, for instance, is available from Montblanc, as are refills for ballpoint pens, pencils and ScreenWriters.
Writing accessories – the perfect complement to elegant writing instruments

Writing with a writing instrument from Montblanc is always something special because the products accompany their owners throughout their lives. The Montblanc range is very versatile to accommodate the different writing habits of different people. Everyone can find the writing instrument that best suits their needs. The corresponding writing accessories play a role of similar importance to that of the writing instrument. The proper ink for a Montblanc fountain pen turns the act of writing into pure pleasure. The ink channels of Montblanc fountain pens are designed specifically for the ink; using unsuitable ink can lead to damage. It is not only the different colored inks that are so appealing; the classic Montblanc ink bottles are eye-catching objects on any desk. Moreover, the ink bottles have a highly practical design: their divided form allows the ink to be used in full.
Our quality is the greatest luxury

The luxurious writing accessories from Montblanc are more than just office supplies. There is, for instance, a huge variety of Montblanc ink colors for different writing instruments, such as Mystery Black, Midnight Blue or Irish Green, to name but a few. These color hues add variation and are fantastic in combination with colored writing paper from Montblanc. Matching accessories are also available for many other Montblanc writing instruments. They include refills for ballpoint pens, pencils and ScreenWriters as well as erasers and much more. Every Montblanc product is manufactured with the greatest care using high-quality materials. That is why writing instruments from Montblanc afford their owners writing pleasure of the highest order.
april 2018 by wardell
Montblanc Watches, Writing Instruments, Leather & Jewellery
Montblanc has been a consistently present beacon in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. Having been celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of writing instruments, we have since branched out in order to offer you exquisite watches, leather pieces, jewelry, fragrance and eyewear. Taking our name from the most prominent and highest summit in the Alps, Montblanc supports the conviction of preservation and opulence.

With operations in more than seventy countries, we at Montblanc tell our stories to a lively and varied audience. Selling our products exclusively through an international network of authorised retailers, jewelers and more than 360 boutiques, the brand Montblanc has become prominent in all corners of the globe.

Welcome to Montblanc.
We look forward to telling our story to you.
april 2018 by wardell
Franklin-Christoph Fine Writing - Franklin-Christoph Fine Writing
The story begins in 1901....

when the Franklin family began manufacturing ceramics in Marietta, GA. For 91 years fine and basic ceramic products were manufactured domestically and imported from Europe by The Franklin Co. Operations were headquartered at 890 Franklin Road, in Marietta, into the 1990s. Recent decades have evolved the company into producers of fine accessories. The tradition and love of designing, manufacturing and importing quality products has remained through the decades. In the year 2001, five generations later, the brand Franklin-Christoph was presented with the IPO fountain pen. Franklin-Christoph goes into this new millennium with the same values and dedication to quality as the generations before. The passion for designing elegant, functional products is evident within every piece, guaranteed for life.

The Old English F first appeared on a piece of ceramic china in the 1950s.

Many Franklin cousins, brothers, and wives contributed greatly to the company over the century plus history, including but not limited to L.W. Franklin, J.G. Franklin, and T.D. Franklin.

Note: The direct family line goes to Thomas Franklin, who lived and died in Ecton Northamptonshire, England, (1598-1685). He fathered Josiah Franklin who came to America about 1652. Josiah fathered John Franklin I, and the line to present is descended from there through, J. Franklin, S.L. Franklin, W.E. Franklin, W.J. Franklin, and finally to J.W. Franklin, where the company history begins. An interesting note is that Josiah Franklin's other son, and brother of John I, was Benjamin Franklin, American Diplomat, Philosopher and Inventor.
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Diamine Inks - Fountain pen inks
Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built 'state of the art' factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company has changed hands and are now located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course
april 2018 by wardell
Store curating high quality paper and pens from around the world. – Paul’s Paper and Pens
Hi and thanks for visiting our store.

I am the Paul - of Paul's Paper and Pens fame.

It started with a BIC.

I've always had a weird obsession for writing in multiple colours - and grew up using the ubiquitous BIC 4 colour pens.

With the advent of the internet, I found you could buy better "multi pens" but they were mostly only available in Japan - and I found to my cost several times that importing is not cheap - especially the hidden taxes and additional postage fees.

I also found fountain pens and the myriad of colourful inks and quality Japanese notebooks, the way the pens and paper felt made me want to write more in meetings and to be more creative with my notes and expanding and improving my thought processes.

One of these thought processes was why not source these products that I use and make them available for other stationery lovers and those who appreciate high quality design led items.

Paul's Paper and Pens was born. We run the business as a family, with everyone involved in some way - well there has to be some advantages to having kids, and they have to earn their pocket money.

We want to promote the written word and the powerful emotions it can evoke.

Unfortunately if we are not careful writing will become a dying art, so put pen to paper - tell someone you love them (don't tell someone you hate them - people don't like it), draw a squirrel, or make a list of your favourite "something" and preserve it forever with traditional pen and ink.

We hope you like our site, our blogs and our products. We have simple policies and processes to help make things as easy as possible, but if we can improve in any way, please get in touch - also we would love to hear from you regarding how you use our products or items you would like us to stock.
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Fountain Pen Specialists established 2000: The Writing Desk. Fountain Pens and Fine Writing Instruments, Luxury Pens, Fountain Pen Ink, Quality Stationery and Premium Writing Accessories.
ur address: The Writing Desk Ltd.
15 Risbygate Street
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3AA
Telephone: 01284 771454 (International +44 1284 771454)
At busy times you may get our answering machine. Please leave a message (with your telephone number) and we will return your call.
On-line and telephone orders: Monday to Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4.30pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.
click here for list of UK public holidays (opens in new window)
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Faber-Castell - Home
Faber-Castell, established in 1761 by the cabinet maker Kaspar Faber (1730-1784†), is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-cased pencils with a varied range of products for writing, drawing and creative design, as well as decorative cosmetics. Faber-Castell is renowned for its high quality, innovative products, commitment to tradition, and environmental awareness.

Lothar von Faber (Fourth generation, 1817-1896†) took over the family business in 1839. He is remembered, in particular, as a pioneer of the branded article who in creating his own brand name set a new standard that became a yardstick – not just for this line of business, but also for the generations who later headed the company. “From the start I was determined to raise myself to the highest rank by making the best that can be made in the world.”

Today the eighth generation family member Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, who took over as head of the company in 1978, has been instrumental in new product development and the expansion of international activities. Count Faber-Castell takes delight in rediscovering products from the past and recreating them with timeless design and modern technology.

In 1999, Faber-Castell acquired Creativity for Kids, the leading U.S. specialty manufacturer of creative activity products for children of all ages and moved their U.S. headquarters to Cleveland, Ohio. The very next year, the company introduced Premium Children’s Art Products, originally known as Faber-Castell’s Red Range of art supplies for children or the Playing & Learning Line in the United States. The products were enjoying huge success around the world, but had not been introduced into the U.S. market which was only familiar with the Faber-Castell Professional Artist Products and writing pencils. The Creativity for Kids acquisition opened up the potential for further worldwide growth of the Creativity for Kids brand and helped facilitate the entry of the Premium Children’s Art Product line into the U.S. specialty toy market.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Faber-Castell USA is part of the Faber-Castell family of companies that was founded in Stein, Germany. Under the direction of CEO Jamie Gallagher, Faber-Castell USA offers children and adults a wide array of quality branded products with true points of difference through its “Companion for Life” Portfolio. After growing up in Pittsburgh, PA and graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Jamie began what is now a more than 30 year career in the children’s products industries. For sixteen years he was a key sales and marketing team member with LEGO working both in the US and Canadian markets. He then continued the trend of working with high quality, privately held toy brands by serving as head of Playmobil USA. In the summer of 2003, Jamie assumed his current role as President and CEO of Faber-Castell USA. Jamie has remained very active within the Toy Industry of America where he has served as a Board member, Executive Committee member, and Committee Chair for more than 10 years.

In 2004 Faber-Castell USA moved to a new facility in Cleveland, with a larger warehouse space to accommodate increased activity as a distribution center with the majority of production shifting overseas. Within a consistently competitive U.S. market, the company has sustained growth by concentrating on incremental sales opportunities, fine-tuning the various product lines, and an emphasis on delivering great service.

2011 was a milestone year for Faber-Castell USA as it launched its new brand, Design Memory Craft and celebrated both the 250th Anniversary of Faber-Castell and 35 years of Creativity for Kids – the acquired brand created by two women, Phyllis Brody and Evelyn Greenwald, who believed in the power of creativity in children's lives. This conviction came from their own childhood play experiences, those of their children and the many workshops and classroom programs that brought them into contact with children around the world. It began with what they called the “turkey syndrome” – a term they coined based on their children’s classroom art activity (a traced handprint) during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday season. Although a cute decoration idea, they thought it resulted in too much uniformity in an activity where uniqueness was the goal. It was their opinion that children do need to learn to follow rules and conform in many areas, but when it comes to “art” individuality should be encouraged. Their anti- cookie-cutter, paint-by-number approach became a key attribute in the development of Creativity for Kids.

Today Faber-Castell operates 14 production sites in 10 countries, markets its products through 25 sales/distribution organizations and is represented in 120 different countries. In addition, Creativity for Kids is represented in 50 countries around the world. The Creativity for Kids brand continues its well-deserved reputation as a consistent provider of quality, innovative, and thoughtful products for children that consist of both classic and trendy creative activities. Today, many Creativity for Kids products include Faber-Castell art supplies as components that enrich the creative experience. Creativity for Kids craft kits have received many awards from organizations such as Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Dr. Toy, The National Parenting Center, ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) and the TIA (Toy Industry Association), plus recognition in national publications such as Parents Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

Faber-Castell USA is proud of its longevity and what it represents – consistent delivery of a quality experience in all areas of business. More than 150 years after the company’s first appearance in the United States, Lothar von Faber’s legacy is nicely summed up in his own statement, “From the start I was determined to raise myself to the highest rank by making the best that can be made in the world. Faber-Castell USA is committed to staying true to this vision of quality, tradition, and innovation now and in the future.
january 2018 by wardell
Luxury Writing Instruments | Graf von Faber-Castell
Tradition & Perfection

Production in the 19th century

The company was founded in 1761, and from the mid-19th century developed into the major manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, both graphite and colour.

Baron Lothar von Faber turned the humble pencil into the world‘s first brand-name writing implement.

Baron Lothar von Faber

Factory in the 19th century

Faber coat of arms

The Faber-Castell company takes its name from Ottilie von Faber’s marriage in 1898 to Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, a scion of one of the oldest noble families in Germany.

Count and Countess von Faber-Castell

Castell coat of arms

Inspired by selected writing instruments produced by my ancestors, I saw it as a personal challenge to rediscover these products of a past age, and to bring them up to date with timeless design and the use of modern technology. This idea took shape as the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection.

january 2018 by wardell
Pens, Writing Instruments, Inks, Refills, Repair - Bertram's Inkwell
About Us

Unlike the woman who lived in a shoe and didn't know what to do, Bert Oser has been living in an inkwell for more than half his life and, judging from his track record, knows what to do and has done it. As a result, Bertram's Inkwell, the suburban Washington pen shop Oser opened when he was just twenty-one, is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this June. His pen-selling days, however, began even earlier than that.

While still in high school, Oser worked at a greeting card and gift store in White Flint Mall, an upscale fashion center in Maryland's Montgomery County. Like most stores of its kind in the early 1980's, the shop Oser worked in had a small pen counter stocked with the usual disposables and a few Cross, Parker and Sheaffer products. Oser's light-bulb moment came when he encountered a then $209 Mont Blanc 149 for the first time and realized there might be a growing market for pens that are more expensive and varied in style than those he had been selling. Oser decided that this could be the right time for him to open a store featuring only writing and related products in White Flint.

Not surprisingly, because of Oser's youth, the mall managers to which he submitted his business plan were dubious about its potential success, but the budding entrepreneur had an ace in the hole since the mall's owner was himself a pen enthusiast. In June 1985, when Bertram's Inkwell opened for business, the timing couldn't have been much better. It was, after all, "morning in America" -- and for buyers, seller and makers of higher-priced fine pens, it was the beginning of a brand new era in which their pens would come to be treated as wearable objets d'art and/or functional jewelry, and priced accordingly.

It was at just about this time that I met Oser and was impressed by the sincerity of his desire to provide customers with products that best fit their individual needs rather than pushing particular items that would be more profitable for him. A quarter of a century later, He's still pretty much the same except, of course, when it comes to hair. For at least the first few years that I knew him, Oser had a full head of hair and no beard. I'm not sure which came first -- his responding to the gradual thinning of his hair by finally shaving it all off or his experimenting with an ever -changing array of beards -- But it has resulted in the Bert we see today and provides a great source of conversation for him, his friends and customers.

The mall owner wasn't alone in believing in Bert's dream. His father, Hans Oser, now eighty, an eminent mathematician who at that time had recently retired from the National Bureau of Standards, provided the Inkwell with the computer expertise needed for developing and maintaining its mailing lists. Oser's mother, Hildegard took to retailing like the proverbial duck to water, giving the shop a day-brightening touch of old world charm. She remained an integral part of the Inkwell until succumbing to cancer at age seventy-eight on the last day of 2007, an "auld acquaintance" not easily forgotten by local pen lovers.

One day several years after the Inkwell opened, Oser noticed an attractive woman walking past the shop's door. "She doesn't know it yet," he recalls saying, "But that's the woman ´I'm going to marry." When his colleague replied, "Well you better get a move on," Oser quickly learned that the object of his observation was a manager at one of the mall's many clothing stores, leading them to share a common interest in retailing and presumably in other aspects of life as well. He and Jennifer have been married for twenty years and have three daughters and a son.

Oser has always been enthusiastic about outreach and innovation. His first moves in this direction were to use an 800 number and then a website to make it possible for customers to make purchases or obtain product information without having to drive to the store. For several years, Oser experimented with opening new stores or acquiring existing outlet in such places as downtown Baltimore, the Dulles Town Center near the Virginia airport after which it is named, and D.C.'s Georgetown Park before concluding that for the Inkwell, there was no place like home base.

What may be the Inkwell's most effective marketing outreach began in 1993 when a visit to the Washington D.C. Fountain Pen Supershow convinced Oser that he needed to be part of the pen show circuit. In addition to producing the Philadelphia and Miami pen shows, the Inkwell currently exhibits and sells at shows in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Raleigh, New York City and Washington.

Bertram's Inkwell has always carried a wide variety of refills for all kinds of pens: now an entire wall at the back of the store is devoted to them. For years, it used to be impossible to find anyone selling refills at a pen show, but that's no longer the case, since Oser's pen show display now contains a traveling version of the store's refill wall. In 2009, he collaborated with the Monteverde, Conklin and Delta pen brands to launch a refill recycling program through which consumers can swap their empty ballpoint and roller refills or fountain pen ink cartridges for credits that can be used to buy new ones. They can either bring or mail the refills to the Inkwell, which will dispose of the empties in an environmentally friendly way.

In many ways, Bertram's Inkwell has gone beyond being just a store, evolving into a community of sorts where pen lovers drop in to chat with the staff, shmooze with each other and possibly buy something.Oser occasionally brews a cup of coffee for a visitor. And so life in the Inkwell goes on. Young Bert's dream has reached fruition, and midlife Bert doesn't see his future self embarking on any major life changes. He likes what he's been doing for the past twenty-five years and plans to continue on the same path. Bert Oser is, in short, a happy man -- and you can't ask for much more than that.
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Colorado Pen
Who We Are

Many of our customers have been calling, emailing and getting to know our staff for honestly decades. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of writing instrument experience on staff. All of our staff is accessible to our customers. Because we want to be in touch. Our General Manager/Buyer, Cheryl, (20 years with the company) takes consumer calls five days a week (She’d add, “pretty many Saturday’s too…”) because she loves the firsthand interaction with our customers. Or, you could get our IT Guy, Paul, (Also 20 years.). Besides developing our entire IT infrastructure, maintaining a world-class website and shooting all of our images, Paul takes consumer email and calls every day. Joe, runs our outbound consumer shipping department, inventory control and manages all of our custom laser engraving. You guessed it; 20 years strong. Joe just happens to be our on-staff refill encyclopedia. If you need a refill for that pen you got 15 years ago in a Hong Kong hotel room, Joe’s your guy. (It’s a Parker Style ballpoint by the way.) I could go on.

Our point is

We are a group of professionals who provide the best user experience when it comes to selecting a fine writing instrument on the web. We’re dedicated to extraordinary customer service when you need it. That means being available every day to answer any question you may have via email or phone. It means we ship every order same day if the product is in stock (Which means 92% of the time it ships same-day.) And on your behalf, we reach out to brands around the world and establish professional working relationships to bring what we feel are the finest products directly to our customers. Our staff works very hard to curate what we strongly feel are best in class products. We do all of this to be your go-to resource for all that is fine writing.
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Pelikan – Writing Instruments, Fountain pens, Printer supplies & Office products
Pelikan Group

Pelikan Group GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and is a leading brand-name company of quality paper, office and stationery supplies. Its product range features more than 12,000 items, from pencil sharpeners and napkins to school bags and high-quality writing instruments. The attractive and diverse range of products is divided into the segments Writing/Painting/Crafts, Office, School Bags/Bags/School Rucksacks, Premium Writing Instruments and Greetings/Gifts/Decorations.

In addition to these product portfolios, Pelikan Group GmbH also owns a services company that provides logistics as well as IT solutions. The Pelikan, herlitz, Susy Card and Geha brands are at the heart of the company. In particular, the Pelikan and herlitz brands enjoy a high level of brand awareness in Germany – more than 90% (in-house Dialego study, brand awareness in 2013/14) – and are among the best-known brands in the stationery business throughout the world.

The international manufacturer of branded products with a long, rich company history spanning over 100 years is today a global player with 18 local subsidiaries and sales companies in Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. The Pelikan group operates production sites in Germany, Mexico, Colombia and Poland. Its products are supplied to nearly every country in the world.
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The Goulet Pen Company
The Goulet Pen Company originally began as a hobby in 2007, when Brian's lifelong interest in woodworking led him to purchase a small lathe and try penturning on a whim. Goulet Pens quickly became a hit with our friends and family. Despite the fact we were living in an apartment and Brian's "workshop" was on a covered balcony, we picked up our first corporate order and thus the hobby turned into a business in a matter of weeks. Brian made his pens on nights and weekends until late 2008, when he decided to devote his career to penturning.

After making over 800 custom rollerball pens, Brian took an interest in fountain pens after attending the DC Fountain Pen Supershow in 2009. In late 2009, we decided to expand from writing instruments to enhancing the overall writing experience. We embraced the Clairefontaine family of products first, then gradually increased our ink offerings to nearly 600 ink colors, and continued to acquire new brands of quality fountain pens.

The Goulet Pen Company has earned a loyal following by offering the finest products at competitive prices, superior customer service, and through the education and inspiration offered through our blog and social media channels.

The Goulet Pen Company was founded on a vision of providing a personal level of service through an online format, like has never been done before in the writing world. We are always striving to provide a fantastic customer experience and a unique knowledge of our products based on our own personal interest and our constant communication with the writing community.

Let us enhance your writing experience!

Write On,

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Welcome to ParkerPen US
The Parker Pen Company is a manufacturer of luxury pens, founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, United States. In 2011 the Parker factory at Newhaven, East Sussex, England, was closed, and its production transferred to Nantes, France.


George Safford Parker, the founder, had previously been a sales agent for the John Holland Gold Pen Company. He received his first fountain pen related patent in 1889. In 1894 Parker received a patent on his "Lucky Curve" fountain pen feed, which was claimed to draw excess ink back into the pen barrel when the pen was not in use. The company's first successful pen, released in 1899, was the Parker Jointless. The Lucky Curve feed was used in various forms until 1928.
a Parker Frontier Ball-point Pen

From the 1920s to the 1960s, before the development of the ballpoint pen, Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In 1931 Parker created Quink (quick drying ink), which eliminated the need for blotting. In 1941 the company developed the most widely used model of fountain pen in history (over $400 million worth of sales in its 30-year history), the Parker 51. Manufacturing facilities were set up over the years in Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, India, Germany (Osmia-Parker), Brazil and Argentina.[citation needed]
Parker Duofold desk set, 1930

In 1955, the company introduced its Liquid Lead pencil which used liquid graphite to write like a pen. Unfortunately, the Scripto company had introduced a similar product called Fluidlead a few months previously. To avoid a costly patent fight the companies agreed to share their formulas with each other.

The company bought retailer and catalog company Norm Thompson in 1973, and then sold it in 1981. In 1976 Parker acquired Manpower just as the temporary staffing market was surging. In time Manpower provided more revenue than the pen business. A 1982 spinoff, Sintered Specialties, Inc., became SSI Technologies, a manufacturer of automotive sensors.

A management buyout in 1987 moved the company's headquarters to Newhaven, East Sussex, England, which was the original location of the Valentine Pen Company previously acquired by Parker. In 1993 Parker was purchased by the Gillette Company, which already owned the Paper Mate brand - the best-selling disposable ballpoint. In 2000 Gillette sold its writing instruments division to the company Newell Rubbermaid, whose Sanford Stationery Division became the largest writing instrument manufacturers in the world at that time, simultaneously owning such brand names as Rotring, Sharpie, Reynolds as well as Parker, PaperMate, Waterman, and Liquid Paper.

With commercial competition increasing upon the Parker jotter's classic metal ink refill cartridge design from low cost generic copies produced in China, as Parker's unique design patent for the cartridge expired, Parker's sales began to be drastically adversely affected. In July 2009 Newell Rubbermaid Inc. in response announced that it had decided to close down the Parker production factory at Newhaven in England with the dismissal of 180 employees from the facility, and relocate production to France.[12] The following month, Newell Rubbermaid Inc. announced that the factory in Janesville, Wisconsin, was also to close the remaining operation there producing Parker Pens (which eliminated a further 153 manufacturing jobs). The company press release stated: "This decision is a response to structural issues accelerated by market trends and is in no way a reflection on the highly valued work performed by our Janesville employees over the years." Newell Rubbermaid offered 'transitional employment services' along with severance pay in compensation to the dismissed workforce.

Subsequently, Parker has abandoned its traditional retail outlets in North America. While some of its former staple Jotter pens may be found in retailers such as Office Depot, the Parker line has been moved to upscale "luxury" retailers in an abandonment of its former business model of quality manufacture combined with mass market appeal and pricing. With this commercial strategic move Parker also altered its traditional product warranty on its high end pens, changing the former lifetime guarantee to a two-year warranty limitation.

Parker Jotters are said to have been a favorite choice of President John F. Kennedy for signing legislation and to give as gifts.
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