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The Evolution of UX Process Methodology – UX Planet
By 2016, Don Norman was pretty vocal about how badly misunderstood the term had become. He talks about it in this short YouTube video. These days he says he’s a people designer (apologies, I’ve…
design  howto  ux  process  agile  IFTTT  10  architecture  articles  data 
may 2018 by wasser
How to structure node.js applications with dependency injection
You've been given the green light. You create your project folder, initialize a git repo and... how do I start?
architecture  nodejs  node.js  dependencyinjection  build-first  patterns  structure 
august 2015 by wasser
JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015 — Medium
RT @eWoah: Pretty much everything you need to know about JavaScript application architecture for 2015. By @addyosmani.
architecture  javascript  development  webdev  programming 
december 2014 by wasser
RT : Blazing Fast HTML
Virtual DOM in Elm
architecture  code  html  dom  elm  javascript  programming  react  fast 
october 2014 by wasser

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