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Go-SCP · GitBook
go-scp: Go Language Secure Coding Practices
bestpractices  book  security  golang  infosec  development  free  go  important  web 
april 2017 by wasser
Choices and Absolutes: Enabling choice for agile delivery scrum teams
How choice can lead to the right solution for agile scrum teams as well as Enterprise IT and their business stakeholders. Absolutes allow for the balance .
bestpractices  development  agile  culture  scrum  programming  work 
april 2017 by wasser
android-best-practices - Do's and Don'ts for Android development, by Futurice developers
android  bestpractices  development  github  AndroidDev  reference 
july 2015 by wasser
frontend-guidelines - Some HTML, CSS and JS best practices.
css  design  frontend  javascript  html  bestpractices  guidelines  js  webdesign  webdev 
february 2015 by wasser
filamentgroup/criticalCSS · GitHub
criticalCSS - Finds the Above the Fold CSS for your page, and outputs it into a file
css  bestpractices  analysis  performance  criticalpath  optimization  rwd  toolbox 
august 2014 by wasser
CSS at Lonely Planet - Ian Feather

CSS at Lonely Planet

Written on 24 July 2014

article  bestpractices  css  developer 
july 2014 by wasser
Go: Best Practices for Production Environments
Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share posts for you through the day.
programming  reference  tips  go  golang  bestpractices  best-practices 
april 2014 by wasser
Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
Just started adhering to the @Airbnb #javascript style guide Wondering if anyone has strong opinions on it?
js  javascript  styleguide  style  bestpractices 
january 2013 by wasser

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