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Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator!
Generate infinite color palettes for your designs and share, export or save it in your profile.
design  tools  color  generator  colors  color-schemes  colour  colours  colourscheme  development 
september 2015 by wasser
The Colors Of An App Icon — It’s An App World — Medium
A study into the color distribution of hundreds of app icons.
ui  colour  icon  ios  appstore 
august 2015 by wasser
chromath - JavaScript color conversion and manipulation functions
javascript  color  colour  library  colors  conversion  design  dev 
october 2014 by wasser
colourcode - find your colour scheme is an online designer tool, which allows you to easily and intuitively combine colours.
design  webdesign  color  tool  colors  tools  colour  scheme  generator 
october 2014 by wasser
css-colorguard - Keep a watchful eye on your css colors.
css  color  github  colors  build  cli  tool  tools  colour 
july 2014 by wasser
Tips to Create an Accessible and Contrasted Color Palette - Stéphanie Walter: Webdesigner - UX-UI designer
Two tools and some quick tips to easily create an accessible constrated color palette for your designs, whether it's web, ui or even mobile design
article  design  accessibility  color  colorscheme  colour  accessible  colors  palette 
april 2014 by wasser
timoxley/color-convert · GitHub
"new: timoxley/color-convert - " [0.0.2] → Convert colors between RGB, HSL and HSV ★0 ⑂0
convert  color  colour 
november 2012 by wasser

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