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wasser : components   16 - Establish a consistent brand everywhere |
Build a connected design system. Speed up design and development workflows, and create more consistent, cohesive user experiences. Get started for free.
design  documentation  styleguide  javascript  react  sketch  tools  branding  components  guide 
february 2017 by wasser
ant-design - 一个设计语言&前端框架
design  components  framework  ui  react  js  javascript 
july 2015 by wasser
bevacqua/woofmark · GitHub
woofmark - :dog2: Barking up the DOM tree. A modular, progressive, and beautiful Markdown and HTML editor
editor  javascript  webdev  markdown  js  library  github  components  html 
june 2015 by wasser
skatejs - Skate is a web component library that is focused on being a tiny, performant, syntactic-sugar for binding behaviour to custom - and existing - tags, attributes and classes without ever having to worry about when your element is inserted into the DOM.
javascript  js  components  webcomponents  behavior  github  library  eventing  opensource  polymer 
may 2015 by wasser

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