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TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Build beautiful, responsive, readable interfaces.
css  design  dev  framework  web  webdev  responsive  webdesign  development  css3 
march 2017 by wasser
[no title]
RT @codepo8: line-height: calc(1.3em + (1.5 - 1.3) * ((100vw - 21em)/(35 - 21))); /* WUT? */
typography  css  design  css3  calc  calculator  line-height  Tutorial  Code  css-responsive-typography 
august 2016 by wasser
BlazeCSS - Open Source Modular CSS Framework
Blaze is designed to give you structure and a good starting point for your website.
css  css3  design  framework  bootstrap  opensource  webdev  CSS-frameworks  javascript  toolkit 
july 2016 by wasser
AllThingsSmitty/css-protips · GitHub
A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro
css  css3  reference  tips  github 
december 2015 by wasser
QQ - Quantity Queries Builder
A tool to help build Quantity Queries for your projects
code  css  query  tool  quantity  css3  tools  builder  frontend 
august 2015 by wasser
Makisu - CSS 3D Dropdown Concept
css  css3  javascript  jquery  3d  design  plugins  programming  animation  coding 
march 2015 by wasser
Creating a Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loaders - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial
In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a collection of pre-loaders for your web projects using nothing but HTML and CSS3. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Medium; Tags: CSS3, CSS, Web Development, HTML & CSS
css  css3  animation  preloader  animate  animations  loader  loading  development 
october 2014 by wasser
Simple, responsive CSS toolkit based on OOCSS principles
css  development  framework  boilerplate  sass  saas  css3  design  frontend 
september 2014 by wasser
CSS Triggers...
A game of layout, paint and composite
css  css3  layout  performance  reflow  paint  perfmatters  reference 
july 2014 by wasser
Licon - Lightness and Useful icons with Pure CSS3
Licon is Lightness and Useful icons with Pure CSS3.
css  css3  design  icons  webdesign  web  dev  icon  inspiration  library 
june 2014 by wasser
Parallax Done Right — Medium
Getting great performance with parallax is tough. Here’s how to make it happen.
css  animation  html  performance  parallax  javascript  css3  design  js 
june 2014 by wasser
Single Element CSS Spinners
A collection of loading spinners animated with CSS
css  animation  loader  loading  spinner  design  css-spinners  css3  preloader  resources 
may 2014 by wasser
UI-Less & Performant Transitions & Animations
css  css3  design  animation  effect  inspiration  reference  css-effects  cssanimation  developer 
april 2014 by wasser
Floated Label Pattern with CSS Only - - Web Design, Development and Consulting Services
css3  inspiration  accessibility  forms  pattern  ux 
february 2014 by wasser
50 Beispiele für geometrische Formen mit CSS3
CSS: 50 Beispiele für geometrische Formen -
january 2013 by wasser
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