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Kubernetes: An Introduction to Deploying a Node.js Docker App — SitePoint
Kubernetes: An Introduction to Deploying a Node.js Docker App by sitepointdotcom
docker  javascript  nodejs 
july 2017 by wasser
Kubernetes By Example
This is a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes. Browse the examples:
pods labels replication controllers deployments services service discovery health checks environment variables namespaces volumes secrets logging jobs nodes Want to try it out yourself? You can run all this on Red Hat’s distribution of Kubernetes, OpenShift. Follow the instructions here for a local setup or sign up for for an online environment.
tutorial  learning  devops  docker  kubernetes  2eval  IFTTT  inbox  Instapaper  k8s 
may 2017 by wasser
Docker for Devs Part 1: Containerizing Your Application - Lock Me Down
Developers can leverage the power of Docker to easily isolate, share and run containerized development environments of applications.
docker  devops  dev  containers  application  devtool 
february 2017 by wasser
Lessons from Building a Node App in Docker
Here are some tips and tricks that I learned the hard way when developing and deploying web applications written for node.js using Docker.
javascript  nodejs  tutorial  node  docker  development  devops  programming  tips  dev 
april 2016 by wasser
Getting Started with rkt - via @codeship | via @codeship
rkt has come a long way since its announcement in December 2014. Let's to take a closer look at how it fits into the rapidly changing container ecosystem.
docker  containers  container  rkt  getting-started  linux 
march 2016 by wasser
Kitematic - The easiest way to start using Docker on your Mac.
development  mac  osx  devops  docker  software  macosx  virtualization  app 
december 2014 by wasser
Bowery - Home
Bowery is the web development environment you've always wanted. Get unlimited storage and power, all while working locally on your computer.
app  cms  development  web  paas  dev  service  devops  environment  express  docker 
march 2014 by wasser

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