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A hackable SASS-based form reset
css  form  forms  sass  Ziner 
april 2015 by wasser
Text Input Effects
Simple ideas for enhancing text input interactions
css  effects  effect  input  text  forms  inspiration  interactions  ui  animation 
january 2015 by wasser
Inspiration for Custom Select Elements | Codrops
Some inspiration for styling a custom version of the select element. There are many possibilities and today we are exploring some ideas of how to let the user
inspiration  css  dropdown  forms  webdesign 
july 2014 by wasser
Why Users Fill Out Less If You Mark Required Fields - UX Movement
Are most of your users skipping the optional fields on your form? You might not need that extra information, but having it could help you learn more about users
design  ux  forms  required  ui  usability  user-research  web-design 
april 2014 by wasser
Floated Label Pattern with CSS Only - - Web Design, Development and Consulting Services
css3  inspiration  accessibility  forms  pattern  ux 
february 2014 by wasser
Parsley.js --- a very cool looking client-side form validation library!
javascript  form  forms  library  validation  jquery  js  webdev  web 
january 2013 by wasser

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