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donejs - donejs
DoneJS is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it easy to build high performance, real time web and mobile applications.
library  javascript  framework  mvc  mvvm  opensource  script  webdevelopment  softwaredevelopment 
april 2017 by wasser
Automated browser testing for the modern web development stack | TestCafe
TestCafe is a simple and powerful framework for testing websites and apps. It allows you to easily create, maintain and execute automated web tests across browsers, operating systems and devices.
framework  javascript  web  automation  testing  nodejs  test  TestCafe  webdev  browser 
april 2017 by wasser
TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Build beautiful, responsive, readable interfaces.
css  design  dev  framework  web  webdev  responsive  webdesign  development  css3 
march 2017 by wasser
Propeller - Front-end framework based on Material Design & Bootstrap
Propeller is a front-end responsive framework based on Material design & Bootstrap.
framework  frontend  interface  bootstrap  materialdesign  template  webdesign 
february 2017 by wasser
Contribute to alom development by creating an account on GitHub.
css  minimal  framework 
january 2017 by wasser
BlazeCSS - Open Source Modular CSS Framework
Blaze is designed to give you structure and a good starting point for your website.
css  css3  design  framework  bootstrap  opensource  webdev  CSS-frameworks  javascript  toolkit 
july 2016 by wasser
Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks to watch out for in 2016 DebugMe Blog
In this blog post we are going to list four JavaScript frameworks and libraries you should start getting familiar with as they could become huge this year.
framework  javascript  library  feedly  tech-news 
may 2016 by wasser
dthree/vorpal · GitHub
vorpal - Node's framework for interactive CLI apps.
node  nodejs  javascript  cli  helper  library  framework  opensource  programming  shell 
september 2015 by wasser
Igaro App Javascript Framework
Igaro App is a powerful Javascript framework for developing single page application websites (web-apps). Zero HTML, zero dependencies and beautifully engineered.
javascript  framework  mobile 
august 2015 by wasser
ant-design - 一个设计语言&前端框架
design  components  framework  ui  react  js  javascript 
july 2015 by wasser
Furtive CSS
A forward-thinking, CSS micro-framework. Minimal by design.
css  framework  opensource  webdesign  css-framework  css-library  design  dev  development  fast 
july 2015 by wasser
nuclide - A CSS framework for utilizing the Atomic design pattern
css  sass  scss  framework  mobile 
may 2015 by wasser
jsblocks - Better JavaScript MV-ish Framework
From simple user interfaces to complex single-page applications using faster, server-side rendered and easy to learn framework
framework  javascript  software  mvc  jsblocks  webdesign  webdev 
april 2015 by wasser
Lumen - PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel
Lumen - The Stunningly Fast PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel
framework  php  laravel  lumen  microframework  micro-framework  minimalism 
april 2015 by wasser
Rebar Grid Framework
Rebar is a Sass / Stylus grid framework and makes responsive development more efficient and keep CSS organised.
css  design  framework  grid  grids  sass 
march 2015 by wasser
NativeScript is an open-source framework for building truly native cross-platform iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps using JavaScript.
android  javascript  mobile  opensource  ios  apps  cross-platform  framework  js 
march 2015 by wasser
spaceBase: A Sass-based Responsive CSS framework
spaceBase is a boilerplate layer that can be built upon and tailored for your needs. It combines best practices for today’s responsive web with the core components we use on every project. Consider it the launch pad for your adventures into cyberspace.
css  framework  sass  opensource  responsive  webdesign 
january 2015 by wasser
Why Riot?
And why we need a new UI library
framework  javascript  webdev  react  mvc  js  reactjs  library  programming  ui 
january 2015 by wasser
Simple, responsive CSS toolkit based on OOCSS principles
css  development  framework  boilerplate  sass  saas  css3  design  frontend 
september 2014 by wasser
Crosswalk is a web runtime for ambitious HTML5 applications. It provides all the features of a modern browser, combined with deep device integration and an API for adding native extensions. It is especially suited to mobile devices, with support for both Android and Tizen.
framework  html5  javascript  mobile  web  android  runtime 
september 2014 by wasser
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