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AwesomeBump is a free program written using Qt library designed to generate normal, height, specular or ambient occlusion textures from a single image. Since the image processing is done in 99% on GPU the program runs very fast and all the parameters can be changed in real time. AB was made to be a new alternative to known gimp plugin called Insane Bump.
javascript  texture  bump  mapping  3d 
april 2015 by wasser
A JavaScript Library for creating SVG patterns
javascript  map  svg  mapping  texture  2d  canvas  d3  graphics  pattern 
march 2015 by wasser
Create a map | BatchGeo
Make a map from a list of multiple locations, use addresses, postcodes, or coordinates. Free hosting for your own interactive map locator.
google  map  maps  mapping  googlemaps  tools  geolocation  geocoding  data 
february 2014 by wasser

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