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Production Progressive Web Apps With JavaScript Frameworks (Google I/O '17) - YouTube
Learn how the world’s largest brands ship Progressive Web Apps that instantly load on mobile hardware. We’ll look at how apps built using React, Preact, Vue,...
development  angular  react  pwa  preact  performance  polymer  preload  progressivewebapps  via-pocket 
june 2017 by wasser
Progressive Web Apps with React.js: Part 2 — Page Load Performance
@TheLarkInn @slightlylate @threepointone In case you missed this one, here is the before and after of our timeline!
code  javascript  react  pwa  @to-read  performance  progressiveweb  webpack 
june 2017 by wasser
garbles/why-did-you-update: Puts your console on blast when React is making unnecessary updates.
why-did-you-update - :boom: Puts your console on blast when React is making unnecessary updates.
development  debugging  performance  react  reactjs  debug  from:ifttt  github  tool  javascript 
april 2017 by wasser
TestMyCSS | Optimize and Check CSS Performance
Optimize CSS delivery and performance by checking for redundancy, validation errors, and following best practices. Clean up unused selectors and rules using our CSS tool
css  dev  tools  performance  tool  test  web  analyze  complexity  css-performance 
february 2016 by wasser
timeance.js - Abstract library for track loadtimes
javascript  performance  code  execution  and  timing 
november 2015 by wasser
saldl - An in-order multi-connection CLI downloader based on libcurl.
opensource  http  c  minimalism  curl  performance  programming  shell  toolkit 
september 2015 by wasser
Fixing Performance in the Web Stack
There’s plenty of performance optimization techniques in web development. Particularly, if you look into each portion of the web stack in detail. In the presentation I [...]
articles  performance  bestpractice  front-end-dev  web-dev  webdev  Reference 
august 2015 by wasser
boom - HTTP(S) load generator, ApacheBench (ab) replacement, written in Go
performance  testing  http  go  benchmark  github  golang  load  generator 
may 2015 by wasser
justice - Embeddable script for displaying web page performance metrics.
github  performance  web  browser  fps 
may 2015 by wasser
Seeing to the Unseen: Performance, Accessibility, & Security in User Experience Design | Wellfire Interactive
Performance, accessibility, and even security all effect the user experience. Each has a significant effect on the perception of your product, especially when bad planning turns into less-than-desirable results.
ux  performance  accessibility  security  tools  reference 
april 2015 by wasser
sprint - A tiny, lightning fast jQuery-like library for modern browsers.
javascript  jquery  alternative  library  dom  code  development  github  js  performance 
april 2015 by wasser
Jank Free: Let's Make the Web Silky Smooth!
Jank Busters: helping you get your projects silky smooth!
development  javascript  css  animation  performance  jank  web  webdev  HTML  Browser 
march 2015 by wasser
awesome-wpo - A curated list of Web Performance Optimization. Everyone can contribute here!
optimization  tools  web  webdev  performance  github  reference  resources 
march 2015 by wasser
HTTP2 for front-end web developers | Matt Wilcox, Web Developer & Tinkerer
​HTTP2 will mean a change in how we should build websites. The best practices of HTTP1 are harmful in a HTTP2 world.
development  frontend  performance  http  http2  web 
march 2015 by wasser
Responsible Social Share Links — Jonathan Suh
Social share scripts are convenient and easy to copy & paste but rely on JavaScript and add additional overhead to your site, which means more HTTP requests and slower load times. Instead, use share links that don’t require you to load scripts for each social site.
javascript  web  social  socialmedia  sharing  webdev  performance  buttons 
february 2015 by wasser
Useful SVGO[ptimization] Tools
Freelance Front-End Web Developer - Lebanon
optimization  tools  performance  svg  reference 
january 2015 by wasser
How we use web fonts responsibly, or, avoiding a @font-face-palm | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
At Filament Group, We design engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, desktop and beyond that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.
css  javascript  fonts  performance  webfonts  browsers  typography  web  design 
january 2015 by wasser
WPT-Bulk-Tester - Google App Script for spreadsheet that uses the WPT API to bulk test URLs
performance  testing  perf  webpagetest 
december 2014 by wasser
JS Parse and Execution Time -
— September 26, 2014 — JS Parse and Execution Time At Velocity NY, Daniel Espeset of Etsy gave a great talk about how Etsy profiles …
dev  javascript  js  performance  article  execution  latency 
october 2014 by wasser
above-the-fold-css-tools - Tools to prioritize above-the-fold (critical-path) CSS
css  optimization  html  performance 
september 2014 by wasser
grunt-perfbudget - Grunt task for performance budgeting.
webdev  github  performance  grunt  needs-tags  npm  perf  perfbudget  plugin  testing 
september 2014 by wasser
filamentgroup/criticalCSS · GitHub
criticalCSS - Finds the Above the Fold CSS for your page, and outputs it into a file
css  bestpractices  analysis  performance  criticalpath  optimization  rwd  toolbox 
august 2014 by wasser
CSS Triggers...
A game of layout, paint and composite
css  css3  layout  performance  reflow  paint  perfmatters  reference 
july 2014 by wasser
codemix/fast.js · GitHub
fast.js - Faster user-land reimplementations for several common builtin native JavaScript functions.
javascript  programming  library  performance  js 
july 2014 by wasser
browser-perf - Performance Metrics for Web Browsers
nodejs  addons  github  performance  dev  front-end  javascript 
july 2014 by wasser
Parallax Done Right — Medium
Getting great performance with parallax is tough. Here’s how to make it happen.
css  animation  html  performance  parallax  javascript  css3  design  js 
june 2014 by wasser
A Guide to Optimising Photoshop Performance by @elliotEKJ — Realmac Blog
The Realmac Software blog is the inside scoop on how the Realmac Software team design and build their award-winning iOS & Mac OS X apps.
optimization  photoshop  performance  settings 
april 2014 by wasser
jsdelivr/jsdelivr · GitHub
jsdelivr - A free Open Source CDN for webmasters and developers
javascript  nodejs  cdn  libraries  performance 
march 2014 by wasser
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