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Creating a Web Server With Echo: (The sixth installment in the series, found here.)
april 2017 by wasser
GitHub - mifi/lossless-cut: Cross platform GUI tool for lossless trimming / cutting of videos using ffmpeg
lossless-cut - Cross platform GUI tool for lossless trimming / cutting of videos using ffmpeg
editor  linux  video 
november 2016 by wasser
Kap - Capture your screen
An open-source screen recorder built with web technology
application  mac  screencapture  video  capture  osx  screencast  screencasts  sharing  tools 
october 2016 by wasser
Microsoft/FFmpegInterop: This is a code sample to make it easier to use FFmpeg in Windows applications.
FFmpegInterop - This is a code sample to make it easier to use FFmpeg in Windows applications.
video  c++  ffmpeg  windows 
january 2016 by wasser
CascadiaFest 2015 - YouTube
CascadiaFest is a three-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and CSS. Browser, server, OS – we cover it all.
video  playlist  conference  js  javascript 
july 2015 by wasser
Remove a figure from a shot in Nuke - YouTube
Navid Bagherzadeh shows you how to take a walking figure out of a panning camera shot
nuke  natron  tutorial  video  editing 
july 2015 by wasser
Seriously.js - A real-time, node-based video effects compositor for the web built with HTML5, Javascript and WebGL
effects  javascript  video  webgl  html5  js  code 
april 2015 by wasser
KeyboardFire/mkcast · GitHub
mkcast - A tool for creating GIF screencasts of a terminal, with key presses overlaid.
screencast  tool  video  terminal  gif  animated  screencasts 
february 2015 by wasser
globocom/clappr · GitHub
clappr - An extensible media player for the web
browser  javascript  github  library  video  js  media  opensource 
december 2014 by wasser
FORM SF 2014 - YouTube
Videos from the FORM design event in San Francisco, November 4th and 5th, 2014. FORM was a wide-angle examination of the intersection between design and tech...
design  talk  video  youtube 
november 2014 by wasser
Streaming MP4 with Nginx -
For my later reference, here's a guide to preparing MPEG-4 video for web streaming.
video  encoding  streaming 
september 2014 by wasser
Blender Tutorials, Podcasts, Competitions & Products!
A collection of blender tutorials, contests, interviews and courses to improve the modelling skills of Blender 3D artists. Click here for Blender tutorials.
blog  tutorial  tutorials  3d  blender  graphics  animation  blender3d  tips  video 
september 2014 by wasser
UX How-To with Luke Wroblewski - YouTube
Luke Wroblewski presents how-to tutorials for user experience
mobile  tutorials  ux  video  lukew  design  videos  youtube 
august 2014 by wasser
Front-Trends on Vimeo
Front-Trends is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
list  video  conference  fronttrends  frontend  webdev 
august 2014 by wasser
js-must-watch - Must-watch videos about javascript
javascript  js  list  video  videos  github  programming  learning  tutorial 
july 2014 by wasser
One month of Swift » We ❤ Swift
To help you out we compiled a list of the most interesting and useful swift tutorials and resources - articles, tutorials, video and code.
development  mac  programming  swift  ios  video  apple 
july 2014 by wasser
Video Saver Screensaver | Screensaver
YouTube® junkies unite! Download Video Saver today for a chance to turn the hottest YouTube® videos into your very own screensaver!
video  youtube  screensaver  desktop  software  windows  free 
march 2010 by wasser

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