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CCCAC - Keyless Klau
Mit einer simplen Relai kann man "keyless" cars öffnen und fahren.
security  automotive  hack 
october 2016 by weberwu
Keys Under Doormats
mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all
data and communications
security  cryptography 
october 2015 by weberwu
Download Tor
Good rules for using Tor
security  privacy  Tor 
january 2014 by weberwu
SECURITY IN-A-BOX | Tactical Technology Collective
Tools and tactics for your digital security, availabe in many languages
security  cryptography  privacy 
january 2014 by weberwu
Why "security" keeps winning out over privacy - War Room -
The Titanic argument - don't use a new technology without a lifeboat!
security  identity  privacy 
june 2011 by weberwu
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