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Programs To Read
This is a list of programs/collections of code worth reading. Some are GreatProgramsToRead and some are not. What they should have in common is some educational merit. One should benefit from having read the programs listed here.
code  coding  programming 
december 2018 by whip_lash
3 Month Coding Interview Bootcamp – educative – Medium
For your reference, here are a consolidated list of the resources for software-engineering interviews that I’ve mentioned throughout the post:
coding  interview  programming 
november 2018 by whip_lash
tuvtran/project-based-learning: Curated list of project-based tutorials
A list of programming tutorials in which learners build an application from scratch. These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages. Some have intermix technologies and languages.
coding  github  learn  programming  tutorial 
june 2018 by whip_lash
SizeCoding is a wiki dedicated to the art of creating very tiny programs for the 80x86 family of CPUs. By "very tiny programs", we mean programs that are 256 bytes or less in size, typically created by members of the demoscene as a show of programming skill. The size of these tiny programs is measured by their total size in opcode bytes, and are usually presented as executable .COM files to be run in pure DOS, a DOS VM running inside another operating system, or an emulator that can run DOS such as DOSBox.
assembly  coding 
april 2018 by whip_lash
The 10 Best Coding Challenge Websites for 2018 – Coderbyte – Medium
This updated 2018 list features 10 websites that offer the best coding challenges and resources to help new and intermediate developers improve their skills, prepare for interviews, and progress in their careers. The ordering of the list is based on level of difficulty (beginner to advanced).
coding  programming  learning 
january 2018 by whip_lash

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