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A Self-Learning, Modern Computer Science Curriculum
This is a collection of modern resources on various undergrad level computer science topics, for someone with an interest in theory. Use LibGen if you can't buy these books. You don't have to do everything here, just the topics of interest to you.
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10 weeks ago by whip_lash
The site contains all the project materials and software tools necessary for building a general-purpose computer system from the ground up.
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april 2019 by whip_lash
This book is an introduction to programming in C, and system programming (processes, threads, synchronization, networking and more!). We assume you’ve already had some programming experience, in an earlier computer science course.
compsci  systems  programming  c 
march 2019 by whip_lash
An Overview Of Computer Science Concepts For Engineers
 Various theoretical topics will be mentioned, but particular emphasis will be placed on those topics which are especially relevant in today's job market.  This article is optimized for people who are already very technical, mathematical and fast learning.  This article is not intended to teach you any of these topics, but instead to let you know that they exist and explain why they are important so you can go learn them on your own.
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january 2019 by whip_lash

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