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You Can't Have Denmark Without Danes - Bloomberg
But what Hvidberg is suggesting is that these things come in a package. You can’t simply pull some elements out and get the same results. And basically all the Danes I spoke to, from far-left Green Party types to market liberals, agreed that Denmark would be hard to replicate without Danes.

I asked Bjornskov if there was some way the U.S. could make itself more trusting. Unfortunately, he told me, the literature is better at showing us how to destroy trust than to build it.

Trust can improve over time. Bjornskov says that trust levels have risen in Europe in the decades following World War II. But scholars don’t know how societies can engineer that kind of improvement. Declines can also be remarkably persistent; areas of Africa that were ravaged by slavery still show social trust deficits centuries later.
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february 2018 by whip_lash

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