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How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon - Motherboard
A reflection on my month without Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, plus a how-to guide if you want to quit the biggest companies in tech.
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december 2018 by whip_lash
Ad Scammers Need Suckers, and Facebook Helps Find Them - Bloomberg
Affiliates once had to guess what kind of person might fall for their unsophisticated cons, targeting ads by age, geography, or interests. Now Facebook does that work for them. The social network tracks who clicks on the ad and who buys the pills, then starts targeting others whom its algorithm thinks are likely to buy. Affiliates describe watching their ad campaigns lose money for a few days as Facebook gathers data through trial and error, then seeing the sales take off exponentially. “They go out and find the morons for me,” I was told by an affiliate who sells deceptively priced skin-care creams with fake endorsements from Chelsea Clinton.
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march 2018 by whip_lash
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slams Colorado over marijuana - 7NEWS Denver
"For the people who are enamored with the idea with the income, the tax revenue from this, go to Colorado and see if you want to live there...See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado where there's head shops popping up on every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high. To me, it's just not the quality of life we want to have here in the state of New Jersey." Sometimes I don't think Chris Christie is aware of, you know, what New Jersey is like. Just sayin'.
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april 2014 by whip_lash
Trading Desk Photos - Business Insider
I bow to whoever did the setup in the photo since I'm counting 15 monitors. My personal best is 12-monitor setups for trading desks, and brother, is it a pain. Three quad-head video cards put out a ton of heat and seem to constantly confuse Windows, not to mention the cable management nightmare. There's another shot in here of a desk that appears to have at least 22, but I'm guessing (hoping?) those are connected to multiple devices. I'm glad they don't make me touch hardware anymore.
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april 2014 by whip_lash
How To See Who Has Unfriended You On Facebook
It's called Unfriend Finder, and it works by monitoring your friends list and seeing who has disappeared since you last logged in.
facebook  socialnetworking 
january 2012 by whip_lash
Employees Challenged To Crack Facebook Security, Succeed
Employees supposedly got in via his home WiFi network, says our source. The details aren’t entirely clear, and Facebook isn’t talking. What I’ve heard is that they were able to intercept data from his home network after capturing his WPA password by luring him into logging into a rogue WiFi SSID that appeared to be his own router. See here for some details on how easy this is to do.

Once his home network fell, the Facebook employees were able to monitor all his Internet activity and obtain clear text passwords, etc.

The Twitter hacks last year began with compromised personal email accounts and unfolded from there.

It’s absolutely a smart thing for Facebook to do this, and other companies should too. But if a security engineer at Facebook was compromised, even though he knew it was coming, imagine how trivial it would be for other people to get hit, too.
facebook  security 
july 2010 by whip_lash
NewsWire - Why Successful People Don't Use Facebbok
Let's face it, Facebook is turning into an idiot box that eats up much of your productive time as the television. Besides, just like the television, it is laced with subtle programming that is designed to make you a good little consumer so you can fill your life with a parade of trivial products that are creating more clutter than comfort.
april 2010 by whip_lash
How To Filter Out Facebook "Friends" Without Them Knowing
Ever since Facebook's redesign, we've found it harder to pay attention to the Facebook friends we actually care about. Here's how to fix that.
june 2009 by whip_lash
Delete 10 Facebook friends, get a free Whopper | The Social - CNET News
The funniest part: The "sacrifices" show up in your activity feed. So it'll say, for example, "Caroline sacrificed Josh Lowensohn for a free Whopper." Unfortunately, you can't delete your whole friends list and eat free (however unhealthily) for a week. The promotion is limited to one coupon per Facebook account.
marketing  facebook  socialnetworking 
january 2009 by whip_lash

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