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The Law, by Frederic Bastiat
When a reviewer wishes to give special recognition to a book, he predicts that it will still be read “a hundred years from now.” The Law, first published as a pamphlet in June, 1850, is already more than a hundred years old. And because its truths are eternal, it will still be read when another century has passed.
philosophy  law  libertarian  politics 
february 2019 by whip_lash
Justice Department Warns It Might Not Be Able to Prosecute Voting Machine Hackers - Motherboard
DoJ says current federal law against hacking doesn't apply to voting machines because they aren't connected to the internet; but this plus a proposed amendment could create a problem for prosecuting hacks of other computers not connected to the internet.
law  voting  crime 
september 2018 by whip_lash
Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado (Argument January 8, 2018) — Subscript Law
Texas, New Mexico and Colorado made an agreement in 1938 (the Rio Grande Compact) to share the water of the Rio Grande River fairly. Now, Texas argues New Mexico is cheating. The Compact says to "deliver" the water to a reservoir so it will get to Texas. New Mexico is delivering the water to the reservoir and then taking some water back out - before it gets to Texas. New Mexico claims the Rio Grande Compact allows it.

texas  law  water 
january 2018 by whip_lash
Confiscating Private Land For ... Frogs | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD
However, the frog has not been seen anywhere in Louisiana since 1965 — and the Louisiana lands provide only one of three essential requirements for dusky frog survival: they have "ephemeral ponds" that are dry in the summer but wet in the springtime when the frogs breed.

They do not have the necessary "open canopy" forests, where dusky frogs can live underground, or the essential "abundant herbaceous ground cover" between the ponds and forests. That means the Louisiana private lands are not now, and cannot be, critical habitat for this species.

FWS bureaucrats viewed these facts as minor inconveniences. The Service doesn't own these private lands — and doesn't want to spend its budget or even work with conservation groups to purchase them.

The agency simply decreed that the Louisiana landowners must transform their lands into appropriate habitat that would ensure dusky gopher frog survival — after some are transported to the new habitat — and must do so at their own expense.
ecology  economics  law 
january 2018 by whip_lash
Fighting 'gibberish,' Supreme Court sweeps up after Congress
Rigid readings of congressional statutes clash with what Bryan Garner, Scalia's co-author and an authority on legal and legislative writing, calls "legislative free-riding." That's when lawmakers leave it to regulators or courts to figure out the details.
january 2018 by whip_lash
New law allows liquor companies pay for free rides | The Sacramento Bee
The bill was opposed by Alcohol Justice, a San Rafael-based nonprofit that lobbies against policy thought to promote the “alcohol industry’s harmful practices,” according to the group’s website.

Carson Benowitz-Fredericks, the organization’s research manager, said AB 711 could encourage people to drink more. Alcohol Justice says overconsumption of alcohol costs California $35 billion a year and causes 10,500 deaths annually.

“The idea that drunk driving is the only harm from alcohol is a real misunderstanding of alcohol harm,” Benowitz-Fredericks said.

law  booze  california  politics 
december 2017 by whip_lash
TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)
Fast forward a few years, everything was going great until June 2017, when a group of Canada’s biggest telecom companies decided to circumvent copyright law and unlawfully seize our domain names and social media accounts. The court later found that our founder’s rights had been seriously violated, and deemed the entire search and seizure to have been unlawful.
law  piracy 
december 2017 by whip_lash
When Picking Apples on a Farm With 5,000 Rules, Watch Out for the Ladders - The New York Times
“Instead, the result will likely be more of what we’ve experienced over the past few decades as regulations have ratcheted up,” he said. “More of our fruits and vegetables will be grown by large domestic producers who can afford to comply with the regulations — at the expense of smaller competitors — and by produce farmers abroad.”
regulation  law  idiocracy 
december 2017 by whip_lash
Border groom passes federal background check, turns out to be convicted drug smuggler - The San Diego Union-Tribune
“The agents are upset, feel like they were taken advantage of, feel like they were duped,” said Joshua Wilson, vice president and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613. “Turns out we provided armed security for a cartel wedding.”

mexico  government  law  idiocracy 
december 2017 by whip_lash
Bundy ranch standoff case declared mistrial - The Salt Lake Tribune
A whistleblower memo by a lead U.S. Bureau of Land Management investigator that was released last week alleges widespread bad judgment, bias and misconduct, as well as “likely policy, ethical and legal violations among senior and supervisory staff” in the days leading up to the standoff.

The memo said agents who planned and oversaw the cattle roundup mocked and displayed clear prejudice against the Bundys, their supporters and Mormons.

december 2017 by whip_lash
Facebook Job Ads Raise Concerns About Age Discrimination - The New York Times
Other tech companies also offer employers opportunities to discriminate by age. ProPublica bought job ads on Google and LinkedIn that excluded audiences older than 40 — and the ads were instantly approved. Google said it does not prevent advertisers from displaying ads based on the user’s age. After being contacted by ProPublica, LinkedIn changed its system to prevent such targeting in employment ads.

law  tech  jobs 
december 2017 by whip_lash
Security firm Keeper sues news reporter over vulnerability story | ZDNet
Keeper said in its lawsuit that Goodin and his employer, tech site Ars Technica, also named as defendant, "made false and misleading statements about the Keeper software application suggesting that it had a 16-month old bug that allowed sites to steal user passwords."

security  news  law 
december 2017 by whip_lash
The Happy Lover of Liberty ... - Volokh Conspiracy :
Most people who know me, I think, will tell me that I'm a pretty cheerful guy. I stay that way by calibrating my expectations.
law  government  idiocracy 
december 2017 by whip_lash
The War Over Net Neutrality - Bloomberg
A regulatory system in a perpetual state of upheaval is a heavy tax on investment and innovation.
netneutrality  bureaucracy  law 
december 2017 by whip_lash
He Stole $100 Million From His Clients. Now He’s Living in Luxury on the Côte d’Azur - Bloomberg
Whether by luck or design, Gaglio’s actions have resulted in a remarkably light punishment, and they’ve illustrated how confused the European criminal justice system can get when enough borders are crossed. The Gaglio affair isn’t the biggest Ponzi scheme on record, but it might be the most galling. It strengthens a sense in Europe that financial criminals can be more sophisticated than the government agencies policing them. And it’s a reminder that the continent’s jurisdictions are more than just lines on a map. They’re seams, and people like Fabien Gaglio appear to be expert at exploiting them.
fraud  europe  france  crime  law  bullshit  idiocracy 
december 2017 by whip_lash
The Logan Act: Never Used, Often Abused - Bloomberg
Since that time, both Republicans and Democrats periodically rummage through their political arsenals, rediscover the Logan Act, and brandish it each other like some kind of magical fetish
politics  law 
december 2017 by whip_lash
IoT Cybersecurity: What's Plan B? - Schneier on Security
What the bill does do is leverage the government's buying power to nudge the market: any IoT product that the government buys must meet minimum security standards. It requires vendors to ensure that devices can not only be patched, but are patched in an authenticated and timely manner; don't have unchangeable default passwords; and are free from known vulnerabilities. It's about as low a security bar as you can set, and that it will considerably improve security speaks volumes about the current state of IoT security.
law  security  iot 
october 2017 by whip_lash
Passing the California bar exam shouldn't be made easier, court says - LA Times
In a letter Wednesday, the court said it was “not persuaded that the relevant information and data developed at this time weigh in favor of departing from the longstanding pass score of 1440.”

economics  law 
october 2017 by whip_lash
The Nerfherder: Leaked Documents Show the U.N.'s Internet Power Grab...
Take all of this in its totality and what we see are proposals that would A) grant power and authority over the very functioning of the Internet to the United Nations, and B) grant authoritarian governments the ability to censor, monitor, and more strictly control both the content of the Web itself and people's behavior on it.  What's at stake is nothing less than a system based on open flows of information, as opposed to an "information world order" based on government controls.
internet  law 
june 2012 by whip_lash
Dressing Psychiatrists Like Wizards on the Witness Stand | ICBC Personal Injury Claims Lawyer Erik Magraken | Victoria & Vancouver Island BC
When a psychologist or psychiatrist testifies during a defendant’s competency hearing, the psychologist or psychiatrist shall wear a cone-shaped hat that is not less than two feet tall. The surface of the hat shall be imprinted with stars and lightning bolts. Additionally, a psychologist or psychiatrist shall be required to don a white beard that is not less than 18 inches in length, and shall punctuate crucial elements of his testimony by stabbing the air with a wand. Whenever a psychologist or psychiatrist provides expert testimony regarding a defendant’s competency, the bailiff shall contemporaneously dim the courtroom lights and administer two strikes to a Chinese gong
law  newmexico  satire 
february 2012 by whip_lash
Go Daddy 'negligent' in handing over ownership of accounts • The Register
"Companies that register the names of websites can be held responsible for wrongly transferring their ownership, a US appeals court has ruled."
technology  law 
may 2011 by whip_lash
Law lab - The Boston Globe
In other words, test government policies using the same technique — randomized controlled trials — used to test new drugs. A growing chorus of legal

scholars, economists, and political scientists believes that such trials should be conducted to evaluate a wide range of laws: gun control, safety and environmental regulations, election reforms, securities rules, and many others. And some believe that we are ethically obligated to do this, because laws affect our lives so pervasively.
law  science 
december 2010 by whip_lash
Is Evan Kohlmann Qualified to Be the Government’s Expert Witness for Terrorism Cases? -- New York Magazine
“What Kohlmann is brought in to do is to tell the jury that conduct that might look innocent in other contexts should be viewed with alarm because of the associations a defendant has,” says Vladeck. “It’s a gray area he’s working in here, because it walks a very fine line between prohibiting actual conduct and prohibiting associations, which is unconstitutional.” There is, of course, a legitimate purpose to the use of experts in terrorism prosecutions. Kohlmann’s virtually encyclopedic knowledge of names and dates and the broad narrative of jihad helps a jury to put a story in context. But he is also used by prosecutors for another purpose: to keep the jury’s attention fixed on their fears about the global conspiracy to murder Americans.
terrorism  law 
december 2010 by whip_lash
CABINET // Islands and the Law: An Interview with Christina Duffy Burnett
You know, you say that, and I have to admit that when all of this first started going down—reports of secret prisons, extraordinary renditions, etc.—the first thing that occurred to me was that someone should be checking to see what was up on the seven guano islands that the US still holds. They were, in a way, the original law-free zones, and they are still out there. I think one or two might even have an airstrip.
history  law  politics 
november 2010 by whip_lash
Report finds U.S. behind in traffic safety -
"These management practices have produced success in other countries," said Oster, "but are lacking in the traffic safety programs of most U.S. states."

Two enforcement tools widely credited with fatality reductions in other countries -- automatic enforcement of speed limits with speed cameras and frequent roadside sobriety checks -- are not common in the United States because of legal restrictions, popular opposition and cost considerations, the report said.
law  traffic  travel 
november 2010 by whip_lash
The Other Oil Cleanup -
In the five years since the Texas City explosion, Buzbee has brought claims on behalf of thousands of clients against BP over a series of accidents and emissions from the Texas City plant. “It feels like I’ve been dealing with BP for so long, I know the supervisors, the rank and file,” Buzbee told me. His battles with BP have left him with a considerable fortune and antipathy for the company. “I truly hate BP,” Buzbee told me. “There is some deep problem inside that company.”

So when Buzbee received word of the April 20 blowout of BP’s Macondo well in the gulf, it didn’t take him long to formulate his objective: “To nail their scalp to the wall, and for me to be the guy holding it there.”
law  oil 
november 2010 by whip_lash
Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law : NPR
NPR spent the past several months analyzing hundreds of pages of campaign finance reports, lobbying documents and corporate records. What they show is a quiet, behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by an industry that stands to benefit from it: the private prison industry.
business  law  migration  immigration 
october 2010 by whip_lash
Law schools are manufacturing more lawyers than America needs, and law students aren't happy about it. - By Annie Lowrey - Slate Magazine
nother point is that prospective law students usually look at average pay at graduation. But the average hides substantial inequality: There are the jobs at white-shoe firms that pay about $160,000 per year to recent graduates, and then there are the rest of jobs, which generally pay between $45,000 and $60,000. Almost no salaries are near the median or the average. They are clustered at the bottom, with fewer high earners, many of whom come from a handful of super-elite law schools, up at the top. That means that most students do not meet the break-even salary—the starting salary that would make law school tuition a good investment, estimated at around $65,000.
law  education 
october 2010 by whip_lash
John Perich | Periscope Depth
But I know not everyone else abides the law as closely. So you’ve got an endemic, multi-generational culture of tax frauds in eastern Massachusetts. Has this driven up the crime rate in Boston? Does this make the North Shore a greater source of other forms of tax evasion than typical for the country? Because, if not, I think we need to reconsider the “culture of scofflaws” idea.
law  psychology 
october 2010 by whip_lash
A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret : NPR
"And I took a look at my own PET scan and saw something disturbing that I did not talk about," he says.

What he didn't want to reveal was that his orbital cortex looks inactive.

"If you look at the PET scan, I look just like one of those killers."
biology  crime  ethics  genetics  law 
july 2010 by whip_lash
On The Limitations Of The Tort System In Dealing With Artificial Catastrophe, And Why Americans Should Boycott BP, f/k/a British Petroleum: Your Instructions Follow. | Popehat
To make BP pay for these “non-consequential” damages, the government would have to upend tort law, federalizing it across all 50 states and also passing an “ex post facto” law which would require a constitutional amendment.  This would, unfortunately, wreak more economic havoc than the oil spill.  Far more.  So it isn’t happening.  Obama, a constitutional law professor as he pointed out endlessly during his campaign, knows this.
oil  law 
june 2010 by whip_lash
Convictions : Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Another way to do the time even if you didn’t do the crime.
What does that mean? It means that if you go to trial and blow, on even a single count, you run the risk of getting slammed for the entire indictment. Not only do ties go to the government, if they even score a run, they win. Anything other than a shut out is a loss for the defense. And that, in turn, makes it virtually impossible to win, but worse, it means that going to trial with a "I did this but not that" defense gets you only a pyrrhic victory. No longer can you reasonably contest a part of the government's case against you at a trial. Well, let me amend that, you can contest it, but it's unlikely to make a difference in how long you go to prison for even if you win.
law  corruption 
september 2009 by whip_lash
Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies
The political consensus in favor of decriminalization is unsurprising in light of the relevant empirical data. Those data indicate that decriminalization has had no adverse effect on drug usage rates in Portugal, which, in numerous categories, are now among the lowest in the EU, particularly when compared with states with stringent criminalization regimes. Although postdecriminalization usage rates have remained roughly the same or even decreased slightly when compared with other EU states, drug-related pathologies — such as sexually transmitted diseases and deaths due to drug usage — have decreased dramatically. Drug policy experts attribute those positive trends to the enhanced ability of the Portuguese government to offer treatment programs to its citizens — enhancements made possible, for numerous reasons, by decriminalization.
drugs  law  crime  europe  portugal 
april 2009 by whip_lash
Spain may open torture probe of six Bush officials | U.S. | Reuters
A top Spanish court has moved toward starting a probe of six former Bush administration officials including ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in connection with alleged torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, The New York Times said on Saturday.

The criminal investigation would focus on whether they violated international law by providing a legalistic justification for torture at the U.S. detention camp in Cuba, the Times said.
Bush  torture  law  crime  spain 
march 2009 by whip_lash
US threats mean evidence of British resident's Guantánamo torture must stay secret, judges rule | World news |
Evidence of how a British resident held in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp was tortured, and what MI5 knew about it, must remain secret because of serious threats the US has made against the UK, the high court ruled today.
law  europe  britain  ethics 
february 2009 by whip_lash
Court: No right to shout "douchebag" in a crowded blog - Ars Technica
This month's ruling did not do much to clarify those boundaries—it simply noted that officials could not reasonably be held liable for their decisions given the confused state of the law, whether or not future courts might hold such decisions to conflict with the First Amendment. But the line of reasoning endorsed by both the district and appellate courts would, in effect, erase that boundary with respect to online speech about a school, whether or not it occurs in a school.
law  web 
january 2009 by whip_lash
Parents Give Up Teens Under Law Meant For Babies -
Officials have called the abandonments a misuse of a new law that was mainly intended to prevent so-called Dumpster babies — the abandonment of newborns by young, terrified mothers — but instead has been used to hand off out-of-control teenagers or, in the case of the father of 10, to escape financial and personal despair.
sociology  law 
october 2008 by whip_lash
naked capitalism: Impediment to Bank Rescues Coming
The new rule, she says, "will make it almost impossible to do bank mergers." The rule demands that an acquirer not only immediately mark to market the portfolio of the company being bought - and remember, bids for mortgage assets are now few and far between - but also mark to market its own portfolio as well. "Nobody's going to want to do that," Whitney says.
law  business  banking 
august 2008 by whip_lash
Cato Unbound » Blog Archive » The Future of Copyright
Copyright law in the 21st century tends to be less concerned about concrete cases of infringement, and more about criminalizing entire technologies because of their potential uses.
copyright  law  music 
june 2008 by whip_lash
Cities sue gangs in bid to stop violence - Yahoo! News
Fort Worth and San Francisco are among the latest to file lawsuits against gang members, asking courts for injunctions barring them from hanging out together on street corners, in cars or anywhere else in certain areas.
crime  law  freeassociation 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Schumer to fight new Bush high court picks - Carrie Budoff -
“We should reverse the presumption of confirmation,” Schumer told the American Constitution Society convention in Washington.
congress  law  politics  idiocracy 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Police in sex stings deny taking bribes | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News
Police agencies accused in a lawsuit of accepting bribes in exchange for allowing the Dateline NBC show To Catch a Predator to film Internet sex stings denied receiving money or services.
law  crime  journalism 
july 2007 by whip_lash
My Way News - Inmates Accused in Name Copyright Scheme
Four federal inmates were indicted Tuesday on allegations that they copyrighted their names, then demanded millions of dollars from prison officials for using the names without authorization.
copyright  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Making McMansion Owners Pay - TIME
Homeowners... would receive a one-time payment as well as lower yearly tax assessments on their homes. The forfeited enlargement rights would then be available for purchase through a specially established market.
realestate  trade  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
MIT Project aims human buffer overflow at Secret Service
Essentially, each printer outputs its own serial number. This is great for busting counterfeiters but raises all sorts of privacy concerns. Now, MIT students are getting involved in the campaign against the dots with the new Seeing Yellow project.
law  privacy  security  technology 
july 2007 by whip_lash
A Patent Is Worth Having, Right? Well, Maybe Not - New York Times
They found that starting in the late 1990s, publicly traded companies saw patent litigation costs outstrip patent profits.
law  patents 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Japan Learns Dreaded Task of Jury Duty - New York Times
Japan is preparing to adopt a jury-style system in its courts..but for it to work, the Japanese must first overcome some deep-rooted cultural obstacles: a reluctance to express opinions in public, to argue with one another and to question authority.
japan  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Will Georgia Kill an Innocent Man? - TIME
The pending execution of Troy Anthony Davis, scheduled to take place on July 17, is raising serious questions about his guilt — and about the Newt Gingrich-era federal law that has limited his appeals options
capitalpunishment  crime  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Child porn allegations: New tactic in fighting file sharing? | Tech news blog - CNET
The accusation was nothing more than a backdoor attempt to kill off The Pirate Bay since both Sweden and the United States have failed to close the site for allegedly violating copyright law
copyright  crime  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
'Don't tell British about the EU treaty' | International News | News | Telegraph
The new European Union treaty will mean "transfers of sovereignty" from Britain and Gordon Brown is right to hide the fact from the public, an EU leader admitted yesterday.
britain  law 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Man acquitted for loud park singing - Yahoo! News
A man was acquitted Tuesday after being arrested for refusing to heed a police officer's command he stop singing in a public park.
july 2007 by whip_lash
Reason Magazine - Integration Defeats Quotas
"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."
law  race  politics  segregation 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Pajamas Media: The Bully Congress
But we know that there is no legislation pending, or even envisioned, to which the U.S. Attorney hearings are connected. What is going on here is patently political.
law  politics 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Judge dismisses 'New York Times' lawsuit -
In a decision filed Thursday, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said the government was justified in not handing over classified material because it fell under exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act
law  journalism 
july 2007 by whip_lash
Salt Lake Tribune - Skeptical jury awards just $2 for parents' pain over son's improper removal by state
"Folks, you don't get damages just because your constitutional rights were violated," Bates said. "This isn't 'The Price Is Right.'"
law  idiocracy 
july 2007 by whip_lash
"Justice in Alabama" by Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
Under the direction of the White House, and particularly Karl Rove, the Justice Department undertook a series of prosecutions designed to undermine the positions of elected Democratic officeholders and help the Republican Party take their positions.
elections  politics  crime  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash
Epicenter - Wired Blogs
Andersen's Complaint... claims the RIAA's methods are criminal, and that their lawyers are needlessly vicious in pursuing defendants.
RIAA  music  intellectualproperty  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash
Overcoming Bias: Randomly Review Criminal Cases
I propose that we randomly select a few criminal cases for intensive review. The review would give us an indication of how honest prosecutors are and would provide some deterrence against unethical prosecutorial conduct.
crime  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash - In-N-Out Burger Suing American Fork Burger Joint - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News
In-N-Out has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Chadders.

In-N-Out says everything from Chadders building to its menu is a rip-off of In-N-Out Burger.
trademark  intellectualproperty  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash
A Point System for Immigrants Incites Passions - New York Times
“The government is saying, in effect, ‘We have a five-year plan for the economy, and we will decide with this point system what mix of skills is needed.’ That is not the way a market-based capitalist economy works best.”
immigration  law  politics 
june 2007 by whip_lash
Pentecostalist refuses to wear pants
A bus driver of the Pentecostal faith said she may sue the New York Transit Association for firing her just because she refused to wear pants.
christianity  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash
Reason Magazine - Open Markets, Closed Borders
The bill fails to tap into the huge potential of the U.S. and developing world for mutual wealth creation; that’s a potential employers and illegal immigrants will continue to discover themselves, outside the formal economy.
immigration  law 
june 2007 by whip_lash
Malaysia's Crisis of Faith | TIME
Joy is a Malay originally known as Azlina Jailani, and by Malaysian law her ethnicity automatically makes her a Muslim subject to Shari'a law.
islam  law  malaysia 
june 2007 by whip_lash - Appeal fails; West Point closed to protesters
A federal appeals court today upheld a decision giving the U.S. Military Academy authority to ban political protesters on Graduation Day.
law  freespeech 
may 2007 by whip_lash
DUI BLOG : Bad Drunk Driving Laws, False Evidence and a Fading Constitution
The reason for the continuing fatalities, Mr. Hurley [MADD] calmly explained, is that defense lawyers are more concerned with their clients’ constitutional rights than with their clients’ victims.
law  economics 
may 2007 by whip_lash
No window desk? That'll cost you $33M, she says in suit
A Connecticut secretary who suffers from the "winter blues" is suing her ex-employers for $33 million, claiming they wouldn't give her a well-lit desk with a window view.
law  health  idiocracy 
may 2007 by whip_lash
Exporting I.P.: Financial Page: The New Yorker
But, of late, a troubling twist in the game has become more common, as countries use free-trade agreements to rewrite the laws of their trading partners. And the country that is doing this most aggressively is the United States.
business  intellectualproperty  economics  law 
may 2007 by whip_lash
Vonage cites SCOTUS obviousness ruling in Verizon patent fight
Vonage is asking for a retrial of the case that will take into account the Supreme Court's latest guidance on patent obviousness.
law  patents  intellectualproperty 
may 2007 by whip_lash
Genetic discrimination ban edges closer to reality - Engadget
By a fairly wide 420-3 margin, the House of Representatives gave a nearly unanimous thumbs-up to the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
genetics  law  discrimination 
may 2007 by whip_lash

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