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Svetlitski/merge: merge runs multiple processes and shows their real-time combined output in a single terminal
merge is a simple command line tool that combines the real-time output of multiple processes together in a single terminal. merge saves you from having to open a new terminal tab/tmux pane for each long-running service you need running in the background
opensource  programming  productivity  shell  commandline  cli  linux 
13 days ago by whip_lash
How to write idempotent Bash scripts · Fatih Arslan
Let me show a couple of bash tips and idioms you can use to change your scripts to be idempotent. You’re probably using most of them without being aware of the side effects
bash  linux  shell  idempotence 
july 2019 by whip_lash
New – AWS Systems Manager Session Manager for Shell Access to EC2 Instances | AWS News Blog
Today we are adding a new option for shell-level access. The new Session Manager makes the AWS Systems Manager even more powerful. You can now use a new browser-based interactive shell and a command-line interface (CLI) to manage your Windows and Linux instances.
aws  cloud  shell 
april 2019 by whip_lash
GitHub - sysdream/chashell
Chashell is a Go reverse shell that communicates over DNS. It can be used to bypass firewalls or tightly restricted networks.
dns  shell  reverseshell  pentest 
february 2019 by whip_lash
GitHub - webpro/awesome-dotfiles: A curated list of dotfiles resources.
A curated list of dotfiles resources. Inspired by the awesome list thing.
bash  linux  list  shell 
january 2019 by whip_lash
A tmux Crash Course
I’ve been using tmux for about six months now and it has become just as essential to my workflow as vim. Pane and window management, copy-mode for navigating output, and session management make it a no-brainer for those who live in the terminal (and especially vim).
tmux  shell  terminal  reference 
december 2018 by whip_lash
GitHub - cantino/mcfly: Fly through your shell history. Great Scott!
McFly replaces your default ctrl-r Bash history search with an intelligent search engine that takes into account your working directory and the context of recently executed commands. McFly's suggestions are prioritized in real time with a small neural network.

TL;DR: an upgraded ctrl-r for Bash whose history results make sense for what you're working on right now.
linux  productivity  shell 
december 2018 by whip_lash
Popping shells on Splunk – n00py Blog
One lesser know trick is that you can use Splunk apps to execute python.  The cool team at TBG Security developed a Splunk app which can be used for pentesting.  They have presented their app at a number of cons in 2017.  Despite this, I feel like very few people know about this tool and I felt it deserved much more attention.
splunk  shell 
october 2018 by whip_lash
The project collects legitimate functions of Unix binaries that can be abused to get the f**k break out restricted shells, escalate or maintain elevated privileges, transfer files, spawn bind and reverse shells, and facilitate the other post-exploitation tasks. See the full list of functions.

This was inspired by the LOLBins project for Windows.
linux  pentesting  hacking  security  shell  privesc  privilegeescalation  gtfobins  lolbins 
july 2018 by whip_lash
Clark's Blog / Shell Magic: Set Operations with uniq
I don’t know of anyone else that does this, but it’s a neat little trick for doing finding differences between lists as if they were sets. This is extremely useful when, for example, you want to find a list of things that are in list A, but not in list B. I’ve seen people use diff(1), but it really is not the right tool for the job and leads to some manual effort. uniq(1) is really the answer.
bash  linux  shell  uniq 
june 2018 by whip_lash
merrychap/shellen: Interactive shellcoding environment to easily craft shellcodes
Shellen is an interactive shellcoding environment. If you want a handy tool to write shellcodes, then shellen may be your friend.
commandline  shell  shellcode  github 
march 2018 by whip_lash
SSH Security and You - /bin/false is *not* security :: - Jordan Sissel
Whatever sysadmin was tasked with securing these machines forgot something very important about ssh2: channels. I use them often for doing agent, x11, or port forwarding. You probably use them too, right? So what happens if we try to port forward without requesting a shell (ssh -N)? You might not have guessed that it allows you to do the requested port forward and keeps the connection alive. SSH stays connected because it never executes the shell, so it never gets told to die. Whoops!
ssh  security  shell  linux  unix 
december 2017 by whip_lash
Ongoing effort to identify and add to this listing... expect many more to come. In the meantime, browse and see all the stupid (and occasionally brilliant) ways that folks have built shells.
pentest  shell  reverseshell  tools 
december 2016 by whip_lash
Upload shells · commixproject/commix Wiki · GitHub
commix - Automated All-in-One OS command injection and exploitation tool.
php  injection  lfi  rfi  shell  pentest  security  webshell 
december 2016 by whip_lash

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