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asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
asciinema [as-kee-nuh-muh] is a free and open source solution for recording terminal sessions and sharing them on the web.
terminal  video  tools  recording  cli 
3 days ago by whip_lash
GitHub - Coalfire-Research/npk: A mostly-serverless distributed hash cracking platform
NPK lets you leverage extremely powerful hash cracking with the 'pay-as-you-go' benefits of AWS. For example, you can crank out as much as 1.2TH/s of NTLM for a mere $14.70/hr. NPK was also designed to fit easily within the free tier while you're not using it! Without the free tier, it'll still cost less than 25 CENTS per MONTH to have online!

---You can go through the entire keyspace of Upper, Lower, Num, Symbol in...

Less than 4 days.*

* NTLM Hash @ 1.89TH/s @ $22/hr

— Tinker ❎ (@TinkerSec) March 22, 2019
hacking  pentesting  security  tools  hash  hashes 
4 weeks ago by whip_lash
GitHub - stevenaldinger/decker: Declarative penetration testing orchestration framework
Decker is a penetration testing orchestration framework. It leverages HashiCorp Configuration Language 2 (the same config language as Terraform) to allow declarative penetration testing as code, so your tests can be versioned, shared, reused, and collaborated on with your team or the community.
pentest  devsecops  security  tools 
7 weeks ago by whip_lash
TLDR Stock Options
An easy tool to ballpark the value of startup options.
calculator  equity  finance  money  options  startups  startup  stock  tools 
7 weeks ago by whip_lash
Tool Analysis Result Sheet
This site summarizes the results of examining logs recorded in Windows upon execution of the 49 tools which are likely to be used by the attacker that has infiltrated a network. The following logs were examined. Note that it was confirmed that traces of tool execution is most likely to be left in event logs. Accordingly, examination of event logs is the main focus here.
dfir  security  threathunting  tools  windows 
8 weeks ago by whip_lash
Welcome — Magic-Wormhole 0.11.2+75.ga5e011f.dirty documentation
This package provides a library and a command-line tool named wormhole, which makes it possible to get arbitrary-sized files and directories (or short pieces of text) from one computer to another. The two endpoints are identified by using identical “wormhole codes”: in general, the sending machine generates and displays the code, which must then be typed into the receiving machine.
cryptography  encryption  tools  filesharing 
9 weeks ago by whip_lash
Every Linux networking tool I know
Do you ever feel like there are like 50 different linux networking tools that all do different things and it’s impossible to keep track? That’s because there are about 10 billion linux networking tools. This isn’t even including web/dns servers like apache / nginx / unbound, just regular command line tools! So I made this fun poster with a super short description of each one, in the hopes that it’ll help you keep track and maybe find some new tools to learn about.
linux  network  tools 
9 weeks ago by whip_lash
Introducing Armory: External Pentesting Like a Boss
We are introducing Armory, a tool that adds a database backend to dozens of popular external and discovery tools. This allows you to run the tools directly from Armory, automatically ingest the results back into the database and use the new data to supply targets for other tools.  
pentest  tools 
11 weeks ago by whip_lash
GitHub - trimstray/ Shell script for http/https troubleshooting and profiling. is a shell script for http/https troubleshooting and profiling. It's also a simple wrapper script around several open source security tools.
http  tools 
12 weeks ago by whip_lash
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
Spend more time programming. One command for an instant, secure URL to your localhost server through any NAT or firewall.
development  networking  proxy  tools  tunnel 
january 2019 by whip_lash
Google Hacking Diggity Project – Bishop Fox
Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Bishop Fox’s attack tools for Google Hacking level the playing field by allowing our clients to find information disclosures and exposed vulnerabilities before others do. Arm yourself with our arsenal of attack tools that leverage Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.
osint  recon  search  tools 
january 2019 by whip_lash
Keypirinha — Keypirinha
A fast launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows
apps  productivity  tools  windows 
january 2019 by whip_lash
FLARE VM Update « FLARE VM Update | FireEye Inc
The FLARE team continues to support and improve FLARE VM to be the de facto distribution for security research, incident response, and malware analysis on Windows platform. We greatly appreciate the numerous bug reports, tool requests, and feature recommendations from everyone. We hope FLARE VM, along with many other FLARE open source projects, can help you do your work better, easier, and faster.
malware  analysis  tools 
december 2018 by whip_lash
Inside of Danderspritz post-exploitation modules – Wojciech – Medium
Most of the scripts are in “Ops” directory, inside “Windows” catalog which deserve additional attention, you can find full list here.

How to setup lab, run Fuzzbunch and Danderspritz here.

Everything was said about this framework, so I will focus only on post-exploitation modules. At the end of article, I will show how to write your own plugin, so bear with me.
postexploitation  nsa  danderspritz  pentest  tools 
december 2018 by whip_lash
GitHub - trimstray/the-book-of-secret-knowledge: A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. Especially for System and Network Administrators, DevOps, Pentesters or Security Researchers.
A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. Especially for System and Network Administrators, DevOps, Pentesters or Security Researchers.
github  linux  security  software  tools 
december 2018 by whip_lash
Finding a Needle in a PCAP
It can be difficult to find what you are looking for in a large PCAP repository, even when you know what to look for and where to look. When traffic captures start to enter multi-gigabyte sizes, the number of tools that can even begin processing these files is limited. SiLK and other flow analysis tools provide the tools for quickly narrowing down the search area. However, when ground truth is required, you are often back to square one when searching for a particular packet or flow in large traffic captures.

In this presentation, Emily describes the available features in Yet Another Flowmeter (YAF) for indexing large PCAP files with flow. She provides relevant examples of common analysis techniques with various tools from the CERT NetSA Security Suite and describes how to perform complementary PCAP analysis with YAF. In this presentation, Emily also touches on deploying a tiered approach to network monitoring storage and ways to maximize storage without compromising network analysis.
pcap  netflow  tools 
september 2018 by whip_lash
ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift} - Andrew Gallant's Blog
In this article I will introduce a new command line search tool, ripgrep, that combines the usability of The Silver Searcher (an ack clone) with the raw performance of GNU grep. ripgrep is fast, cross platform (with binaries available for Linux, Mac and Windows) and written in Rust.

ripgrep is available on Github.
tools  unix  cli  grep  search 
september 2018 by whip_lash
csvkit 1.0.3 — csvkit 1.0.3 documentation
csvkit is a suite of command-line tools for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.
csv  data  tools 
august 2018 by whip_lash
NTCore's Homepage
a freeware suite of tools including a PE editor called CFF Explorer and a process viewer. The PE editor has full support for PE32/64. Special fields description and modification (.NET supported), utilities, rebuilder, hex editor, import adder, signature scanner, signature manager, extension support, scripting, disassembler, dependency walker etc. First PE editor with support for .NET internal structures. Resource Editor (Windows Vista icons supported) capable of handling .NET manifest resources. The suite is available for x86 and x64.
software  tools  windows  reverse-engineering  reverseengineering 
may 2018 by whip_lash
caesar0301/awesome-pcaptools: A collection of tools developed by other researchers in the Computer Science area to process network traces. All the right reserved for the original authors.
This project does not contain any source code or files. I just want to make a list of tools to process pcap files in research of network traffic. For more awesome lists, see
network  pcap  security  tools 
february 2018 by whip_lash
Car Hacker's Handbook
Build an accurate threat model for your vehicle
Reverse engineer the CAN bus to fake engine signals
Exploit vulnerabilities in diagnostic and data-logging systems
Hack the ECU and other firmware and embedded systems
Feed exploits through infotainment and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems
Override factory settings with performance-tuning techniques
Build physical and virtual test benches to try out exploits safely
books  car  cars  hacking  tools  security 
february 2018 by whip_lash
Mark J. Wielaard » Blog Archive » dtrace for linux; Oracle does the right thing
At Fosdem we had a talk on dtrace for linux in the Debugging Tools devroom.

Not explicitly mentioned in that talk, but certainly the most exciting thing, is that Oracle is doing a proper linux kernel port:
linux  dtrace  tools 
february 2018 by whip_lash
My Favourite Secret Weapon – strace – zwischenzugs
strace (or its Solaris equivalents, trussdtruss is a tool that tells you which operating system (OS) calls your program is making.
debugging  linux  tools  c 
february 2018 by whip_lash
The Best Open Source Digital Forensic Tools – H-11 Digital Forensics
Forensic investigations are always challenging as you may gather all the information you could for the evidence and mitigation plan. Here are some of the computer forensic investigator tools you would need. Most of them are free!
windows  forensics  dfir  tools 
january 2018 by whip_lash
Windows Incident Response: Tools
I've been thinking about some of the tools I use in my work a good deal lately, and looked back over the breadth of some of those that I've used. 
windows  forensics  dfir  tools 
january 2018 by whip_lash
0xd4d/dnSpy: .NET debugger and assembly editor
dnSpy is a debugger and .NET assembly editor. You can use it to edit and debug assemblies even if you don't have any source code available.
debugging  decompiler  dotnet  tools 
january 2018 by whip_lash
Vim After 15 Years | Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest
I’ve been doing a lot more work with Vim lately and have spent some time configuring my workflow for peak efficiency, so here’s a snapshot of my current state.
programming  tmux  tools  vim 
october 2017 by whip_lash
ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler.
dotnet  tools  decompiler  assembly 
august 2017 by whip_lash
Researcher Resources - Tools - Security Research / Tools Discussion - Bugcrowd Forum
This is a list of tools that can be helpful to researchers for various things they will need to do. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for resources that we should add to this post!
webapp  tools  pentest  bugbounty 
august 2017 by whip_lash
Search Console - Home
Get the data, tools, and diagnostics needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps.
To get started, just add your site or app now.
google  tools  web  webapp  pentest  owasp 
august 2017 by whip_lash
This is a super simple service for generating different HTTP codes.

It's useful for testing how your own scripts deal with varying responses.

Just add the status code you want to the URL, like this:
http  testing  tools  webdev 
august 2017 by whip_lash
Ongoing effort to identify and add to this listing... expect many more to come. In the meantime, browse and see all the stupid (and occasionally brilliant) ways that folks have built shells.
pentest  shell  reverseshell  tools 
december 2016 by whip_lash
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