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eggjs/egg: 🥚 Born to build better enterprise frameworks and apps with Node.js & Koa
Built-in Process Management
Plugin System
Framework Customization
Lots of plugins
alibaba  webdev  framework  koa  node.js  js  javascript 
15 hours ago
The Grammar of Graphics
This book was written for statisticians, computer scientists, geographers, research and applied scientists, and others interested in visualizing data. It presents a unique foundation for producing almost every quantitative graphic found in scientific journals, newspapers, statistical packages, and data visualization systems. This foundation was designed for a distributed computing environment (Internet, Intranet, client-server), with special attention given to conserving computer code and system resources.
datavis  book  data  visualization 
15 hours ago
D3 vs G2 vs Echarts - 简书
echarts 使用简单而自由度差, d3 自由度好而学习门槛高
echarts  d3  g2  article  chinese  visualization  datavis  chart  charts 
15 hours ago
pissang/claygl: A WebGL graphic library for building scalable Web3D applications
ClayGL is a WebGL graphic library for building scalable Web3D applications.

It's easy to use, configurable for high-quality graphics. Benefit from the modularity and tree shaking, it can be scaled down to 22k(gzipped) for a basic 3D application.
3d  graphics  webgl  library  js  javascript  baidu  echarts 
15 hours ago
ecomfe/echarts-gl: Extension pack of ECharts providing globe visualization and 3D plots
ECharts-GL is an extension pack of echarts, which providing 3D plots, globe visualization and WebGL acceleration.
baidu  js  javascript  library  webgl  3d  echarts 
15 hours ago
ECharts 数据可视化实验室
由百度 ECharts 团队创建,联合公司内外众多数据可视化从业人组成的技术研究虚拟组织,致力于数据可视化的相关研究、教育普及、产品研发及生态建设。
baidu  visualization  datavis 
15 hours ago
antvis/G2Plot: An interactive and responsive charting library based on the grammar of graphics.
G2Plot is an interactive and responsive charting library. Based on the grammar of graphics, you can easily make superior statistical charts through a few lines of code.
alibaba  chart  chars  library  js  javascript  g2 
15 hours ago
If JavaScript libraries are proving costly, replace them with smaller alternatives. Lots of great options in…
2 days ago
⚡️ Visual editor for Chakra UI
editor  gui  react  design  webdev 
3 days ago
Chakra UI | Design System built with React
Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you all the building blocks you need to build your React applications.

Get StartedGitHub
react  ui  library  components 
3 days ago
hustcc/xmorse: Pure javascript / nodejs library (~1.5 kb) for encode / decode morse code messages, unicode supported. 一个支持 unicode 中文摩斯密码编码的 Javascript 库。
🌞 Pure javascript / nodejs library (~1.5 kb) for encode / decode morse code messages, unicode supported. 一个支持 unicode 中文摩斯密码编码的 Javascript 库。
js  javascipt  unicode  morse 
4 days ago
Betty Shannon, Unsung Mathematical Genius - Scientific American Blog Network
Betty Shannon, Unsung Mathematical Genius
Her husband, Claude, helped create the computer revolution, but few knew that she was his closest collaborator
people  history  shannon  science 
4 days ago
~sircmpwn/shit - sourcehut git
An implementation of git in (almost) pure POSIX shell
git  shell  humor 
5 days ago
F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.
android  free  repository  app  opensource  alternative 
7 days ago
The HTML5 Creation Engine
Create beautiful digital content with the fastest, most flexible 2D WebGL renderer.
2d  animation  canvas  javascript  webgl  js  awesome  library  renderer  rendering 
7 days ago
Chart.js | Open source HTML5 Charts for your website
Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers
chart  charts  javascript  js  visualization  library 
7 days ago
howler.js - JavaScript audio library for the modern web
Audio library for the modern web.
howler.js makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms.
audio  javascript  js  library 
7 days ago
anime.js • JavaScript animation engine
Anime.js (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API.
It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects.
animation  framework  javascript  svg  css  js 
7 days ago
CRXcavator - Burning Vocabulary: highlight & track words
CRXcavator automatically scans the entire Chrome Web Store every 3 hours and produces a quantified risk score for each Chrome Extension based on several factors. These factors include permissions, inclusion of vulnerable third party javascript libraries, weak content security policies, missing details from the Chrome Web Store description, and more. Organizations can use this tool to assess the Chrome Extensions they have installed and to move towards implementing explicit allow (whitelisting) for their organization.

CRXcavator was created as an internal tool by Duo’s Corporate Security Engineering team to solve a real problem in our organization. When maintaining a list of explicitly allowed Chrome Extensions it can be difficult to uniformly assess the risk introduced by adding a new extension to the allowed list. Because CRXcavator has solved real problems for us internally, we have made it a publicly available tool. You can get started by scanning an extension, or you can create an account and group to take advantage of our enterprise features.
chrome  extension  privacy  security  scanner 
11 days ago
You can now get a shareable URL to your diagram and share it with your colleagues!
23 days ago
I am legitimately SHOCKED that was able to recreate the PlayStation 4 interface in . Mind…
23 days ago



23 days ago
Roam Research – A note taking tool for networked thought.
A note-taking tool
for networked thought.
As easy to use as a document. As powerful as a graph database.
Roam helps you organize your research for the long haul.
app  notes  productivity  writing  collaboration 
26 days ago
All your notes.
On one map.
notes  visual  tools  funny 
26 days ago
/Thread: 2038 is already here
27 days ago
New talk online from Bert Belder !
A decade after was first announced, JavaScript and the web…
27 days ago
I use Wappalyzer (Chrome Extension) when I am curious about the stack. I also keep benchmarking websites…
29 days ago
cube-js/cube.js: 📊 Cube.js - Open Source Analytics Framework
Cube.js is an open source modular framework to build analytical web applications. It is primarily used to build internal business intelligence tools or to add customer-facing analytics to an existing application.

Cube.js was designed to work with Serverless Query Engines like AWS Athena and Google BigQuery. Multi-stage querying approach makes it suitable for handling trillions of data points. Most modern RDBMS work with Cube.js as well and can be tuned for adequate performance.

Unlike others, it is not a monolith application, but a set of modules, which does one thing well. Cube.js provides modules to run transformations and modeling in data warehouse, querying and caching, managing API gateway and building UI on top of that.
analytics  opensource  js  javascript  framework 
29 days ago
Exploring JS: JavaScript books for programmers
Most of the books are free to read online! You can also buy offline versions.
javascript  js  books  es6  learning 
29 days ago
Clean Code concepts for JavaScript: ~ a huge collection of patterns for writing readable, r…
29 days ago
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