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The Collective Impact Framework | Collaboration for Impact
Collaboration for Impact - The site seeks to accelerate the adoption of system collaboration and Collective Impact in Australia. It does so by creating knowledge, network and tools; shining a light on successful Collective Impact initiatives; and building an Australian community of practice.
collaboration  impact  collective  cooperation 
may 2018 by wmaceyka
Vermont Works — VSECU
Our vision is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental and social prosperity. As part of fulfilling this vision, we “power” initiatives that represent innovative efforts to stimulate social and economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation.
VSECU  vermont  works  collaboration  impact  mission 
may 2018 by wmaceyka
Venture With Impact: Unique program combines coworking abroad with volunteering : TreeHugger
This startup offers tailored volunteering experiences where participants can continue working remotely while abroad, in addition to volunteering their skills in local communities.
coworking  impact  travel  NPO  2017  may  remote  work  treehugger 
may 2017 by wmaceyka

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