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Community interested in self hosting their web presence
indie  web  decentralized  DIY 
9 weeks ago
Worlding Raga: 4 – Who Worlds?
Cartoonist, director, emissary, hacker
december 2019
Evan Chen • Napkin (v1.5)
An accessibly-written introduction to "a lot" of mathematics...
math  education 
june 2019
CompSustNet: CompSust Open Graduate Seminar (COGS)
The COGS will focus on disseminating work of graduate students in the computational sustainability network. The format will be short (~30 minute) presentations with plenty of time for open discussion. All are welcome to attend. The series is sponsored by CompSustNet, with support from the National Science Foundation's Expeditions in Computing program.
computation  computational-sustainability  sustainability  environment 
january 2019
Description of the UMAP algorithm from the visualization workshop.
math  umap  machine-learning  visualization 
december 2018
History Is A Weapon
As recommended by Bret Victor
politics  history 
september 2018
Spiral Array Model
A geometric model of pitch, chords, and keys
music  geometry  math  visualization 
march 2018
A mathematics without the law of the excluded middle!
math  logic 
january 2018
Art of Computer Designing
Recommended by Zach Lieberman in a talk
art  computer-science 
august 2017
Fragment Foundry
Tutorial on fragment shaders. Including SDF.
shaders  generative  art  OpenGL 
august 2017
Higher-level causation exists (but I wish it didn’t)
Scott Aaronson responding to another article I haven't read yet
philosophy  math  causality  emergence 
june 2017
g9 | Automatically interactive graphics
Backpropagate image space transformations to the code!
programming  interactive 
may 2017
The Clootcrans Press
Jan Koenderink's self-published work
vision  perception  research 
may 2017
Awesome Generative Art
Compendium of generative art resources like frameworks, tutorials, etc.
generative  learning  art 
may 2017
Seeing Theory
visualizations of probability theory and statistics
visualization  statistics 
february 2017
Appleseed renderer
Open source physically-based renderer
software  graphics  open-source 
february 2017
Bayesian Bandits
On the multi-armed bandit problem
statistics  math  blog 
january 2017
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