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Evan Chen • Napkin (v1.5)
An accessibly-written introduction to "a lot" of mathematics...
math  education 
june 2019 by wxs
Description of the UMAP algorithm from the visualization workshop.
math  umap  machine-learning  visualization 
december 2018 by wxs
Spiral Array Model
A geometric model of pitch, chords, and keys
music  geometry  math  visualization 
march 2018 by wxs
A mathematics without the law of the excluded middle!
math  logic 
january 2018 by wxs
Higher-level causation exists (but I wish it didn’t)
Scott Aaronson responding to another article I haven't read yet
philosophy  math  causality  emergence 
june 2017 by wxs
Bayesian Bandits
On the multi-armed bandit problem
statistics  math  blog 
january 2017 by wxs
Fernando Zalamea: Transmodernism
(this philosopher and philosophy were mentioned in the Hyperstition movie)
philosophy  math 
october 2016 by wxs
Quaternions page
Someone's math blog with an overview of quaternions
math  quaternions 
september 2016 by wxs
CirclePack and circle packing
The site of Ken Stephenson, math prof
math  geometry 
april 2016 by wxs
Jeremy Kun
Many interesting CS/math articles
math  programming 
november 2015 by wxs
Guy making various projects around understanding geometries
math  geometry 
july 2015 by wxs
Divisor Drips and Square Root Waves
Meditation on primes and divisors
math  primes  books 
july 2015 by wxs
Deep Learning
Deep Learning book from Bengio et al. at U de M
deep-learning  machine-learning  programming  math 
june 2015 by wxs
"Your package manager for knowledge"
learning  math  machine-learning 
december 2014 by wxs
Viktor Blasjo reviews math books
Amazon reviews of mathematics books by a guy that seems to really like reviewing them
math  books 
december 2014 by wxs
Quantum mechanics as a generalization of probability to allow minus signs (2007)
Scott Aaronson lecture on how you can treat quantum mechanics as a generalization of probability
science  math  quantum-mechanics  essay  lecture 
september 2014 by wxs
Discrete Differential Geometry
SIGGRAPH notes for discrete differential geometry
math  graphics  differential-geometry 
february 2013 by wxs
Numeric Javascript
Numerical algorithms implemented in Javascript
javascript  math 
january 2013 by wxs
Color-Space Dimension Reduction
Using hilbert curves to map colour-spaces effectively to two dimensions
design  math 
january 2012 by wxs
Bezier curves - a primer
Sweet introduction to Bezier curves with graphics n equations n such.
graphics  math 
january 2012 by wxs
Maths - Rotation conversions - Martin Baker
Conversions between various representations of spatial rotation.
math  graphics 
december 2011 by wxs

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