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The Prince Arthur / Public House / London Fields
"If you're just eating then come down, there's no need to book. It's a pub."
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19 days ago
The East Asian Way–With Air Conditioning / NPQ
Though the founding father of a tiny country on the tip of the Malay peninsula, Lee Kuan Yew is one of the giants of the arriving Asian century. Fifty years from now monuments will commemorate the legendary feats of this British-trained barrister who only learned Chinese when he became prime minister in 1959. Not only did he miraculously transform the impoverished colonial entrepot of Singapore, rife with drugs and prostitution, into a gleaming model city state of the 21st century; his practical vision of soft-authoritarian capitalism also became the template for Deng Xiaoping’s “opening up and reform” in China, laying the basis for the stunning rise of a prosperous East Asia.
singapore  asia  interview  politics 
21 days ago
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