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Marrying Out / City Journal: Books and Culture
Black women will have to become more open to nonblack partners, Ralph Banks argues.
book  culture  sociology  journal  review 
september 2011 by wyclif
A Vision Statement : Entry for November 02, 2005 / Rich Bledsoe
"We do not believe that denominations are going to disappear, but that they are going to become more secondary as God does a new thing in the city with the metropolitan church."
christian  church  reformed  sociology  theology 
july 2008 by wyclif
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?: An Attempt to Cross the Barrier of Age / Stanley Hauerwas: Princeton Theological Seminary
"Eighteen-year-old people in our society simply lack the resources to take God seriously-- by a resource I mean having noticed that before you know it, you are going to be dead."
christian  education  library  pdf  sociology  theology 
june 2008 by wyclif
Death to the Cubicle!
"Collaboration is great, but sometimes I'd kill for a door."
business  sociology  workflow 
january 2006 by wyclif
The Long Tail :: Wired 12.10
"The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream"
marketing  hype  amazon  zine  audio  business  copyright  culture  design  economics  english  film  google  law  media  music  news  p2p  philosophy  privacy  programming  reference  search  shopping  social  socialsoftware  sociology  software  tech  video  web  web2.0  blog  writing  book  podcast  ebook  network 
october 2005 by wyclif
The Inequality Taboo || Charles Murray :: Commentary
"Creating double standards for physically demanding jobs ... ensures that men in those jobs will never see women as their equals. In universities, affirmative action ensures that the black-white difference in IQ ... is ... made visible to every student."
social  media  zine  sociology  ethics  politics  science  education  economics  book 
august 2005 by wyclif

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