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Bootable CD + retro game in a tweet
Security engineer at Square. Previously co-author of Hack and put the 's' in https at Facebook. Maker of CTFs.
awesome  game  games  programming  twitter  fun  cd  algorithms  hack  tweet 
12 weeks ago by xer0x
Donald Knuth's Annual Christmas Lecture | Stanford Center for Professional Development
A Conjecture That Had To Be True A few months ago, the speaker did some extensive calculations relating to a curious problem in combinatorial geometry; and the resulting numbers satisfied an amazing formula. Although this formula was known to be true only in the five or six smallest cases of the problem, it was impossible to imagine a decent world in which the formula would not hold universally. Come to the lecture and learn about the interesting sequel.
don  knuth  donknuth  algorithms  2017  lecture  christmas  wow 
december 2017 by xer0x
Don’t invert that matrix
There is hardly ever a good reason to invert a matrix. What do you do if you need to solve Ax = b where A is an n x n matrix? Isn't the solution A-1 b? Yes,
algebra  linearalgebra  math  matrix  programming  invert  linear-algebra  numerical  algorithms  inversion 
may 2016 by xer0x
Caching in theory and practice
A nice theoretical explanation on why Dropbox choose their caching mechanism.
dropbox  cache  practice  algorithm  algorithms  programming  theory  caching 
october 2012 by xer0x
Neat Algorithms - Flocking
Nice example of a flocking algorithm in javascript/coffeescript
algorithms  javascript  programming  algorithm  visualization  flocking  coffeescript  example 
february 2011 by xer0x
Galactic Arms Race (GAR)
WOW. This game has stunning generated weapons! AI research nirvana!
programming  design  cool  game  fun  research  gamedev  freeware  gaming  mmo  learning  ai  theory  algorithms  procedural  evolution  gamedesign 
july 2009 by xer0x

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