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Give Yourself More Playtime
I remember my first computer fondly. As a kid I was more than addicted to the Commodore 64 – perfectly happy to sit and endure at least 5 minutes of the most colourful, potentially epileptic attack you can imagine, simply to have a few games of Boulder Dash. It was worth every photon, without a doubt.

commodore64  tape  history  fun  computers  hacking  FEEDLY  LECTURAS  via:andrewducker  wallabag 
2 days ago by xer0x
Merck cyberattack’s $1.3 billion question: Was it an act of war?
By the time Deb Dellapena arrived for work at Merck & Co.’s 90-acre campus north of Philadelphia, there was a handwritten sign on the door: The computers are down. It was worse than it seemed.
hack  history  healthcare  security  hacks  hacking  law  pharmaceuticals 
december 2019 by xer0x
Turning a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware · cat /var/log/life
We turned a MacBook into a touchscreen using only $1 of hardware and a little bit of computer vision.
diy  macbook  wow  ideas  hack  hardware  ifttt  touch  touchscreen  hacks  camera  creativecode  hacking 
august 2019 by xer0x
Special Report - Inside the UAE’s secret hacking team of U.S. mercenaries | Reuters
Two weeks after leaving her position as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. National Security Agency in 2014, Lori Stroud was in the Middle East working as a hacker for an Arab monarchy.
uae  mercenaries  code  programming  hacking  arab  usa  nsa 
february 2019 by xer0x
Bayangtoys X16: Inexpensive, durable, hackable GPS drone. | dronegarageblog
Inexpensive, durable, hackable GPS drone with autonomous return to home and auto-land feature
diy  drone  drones  deeplearning  DIYElectronics  electronics  hacking  Hardware  multicopter  tutorial 
november 2017 by xer0x
GitHub’s post-CSP journey - GitHub Engineering
Last year we shared some details on GitHub’s CSP journey. A journey was a good way to describe it, as our usage of Content Security Policy (CSP) significantly changed from our initial release nearly four years ago to where we ended up last year. It wasn’t until then that we felt our policy was relatively stable and, while we were not foolish enough to call it “done,” we found the policy was refined enough to focus on protections beyond what CSP offered.
hacking  github  security  webdev  csp  web  coding  content  dangling  engineering 
january 2017 by xer0x
Sennheiser HD 555 to HD 595 Mod – mike beauchamp
Upgrade $200 to $350 ones, by just removing the foam!? wtf sennheiser
audio  diy  hack  hacking  electronics  openear  sennheiser  cans  headphones 
february 2011 by xer0x
HackerBuddy » Free Karma for Helpful Hackers
A service to match people with folks to bounce their ideas off
ideas  startup  hack  hacking  business 
february 2011 by xer0x
Firmware add-on for Canon Powershot cameras
canon  firmware  camera  photography  hack  raw  chdk  wiki  hardware  hacks  hacking 
december 2007 by xer0x
Daytime Running Lights
woot neato ideas.. hacking and streaming quicktime ideas.
iphone  hacking  ipodtouch  streaming  upnp  quicktime  serving  code  development 
december 2007 by xer0x
diy wifi wep cipher cracking? maybe... maybe...
crypto  hacking  hardware  hash  security  sha-1  wireless 
november 2007 by xer0x
a means of cracking WEP ... possibly by gathering a lot of sample data.
computer  crypto  cryptography  development  freeware  hack  wifi  crack  wireless  wep  network  hacking  cracking  security 
november 2007 by xer0x
iFixit — iPod Touch
photos of the insides of an ipodtouch
diy  hacking  hardware  iphone  ipodtouch  open  photos 
november 2007 by xer0x Beta
apptapp from nullriver - way cool iphone installer and (unlocker?)
iphone  hacks  apple  applications  installer  hack  code  hacking  crack  apptapp  nullriver  diy 
november 2007 by xer0x
Hackint0sh - Powered by vBulletin
Forum for folk who like to modifify their apple products.
apple  mac  iphone  forum  ipodtouch  hacking  hacks  appletv  alternate  diy  osx  community 
november 2007 by xer0x
Landon Fuller
This guy has a much more complete vfdecrypt.c file than the one posted on the iphone-dev site.. although the iphone-dev site claims that this one outputs garbage...
iphone  toolchain  development  filesystem  hacking  reference 
october 2007 by xer0x
NSLU2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hackable NAS - OpenSlug can make a snazzy UPnP MediaServer.
linux  nslu2  nas  storage  hardware  networking  hack  hacking  media  mediaserver  upnp 
october 2007 by xer0x
asus 500 router - Google Search
neat router to hack up. nice 266mhz. openwrt / dd wrt compatible. yum
openwrt  dd  wrt  linux  router  hacking 
september 2007 by xer0x

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