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The Little-Known Reason Pencils Are Yellow - Artsy
Pencils weren’t always yellow. We have the marketing genius of a 19th-century Czech manufacturer to thank for their now-ubiquitous hue.
art  branding  colour  czech  design  france  gabrielle  hick  history  interesting  pencil  pencils 
9 days ago by xer0x
The making of an opioid epidemic | News | The Guardian
The long read: When high doses of painkillers led to widespread addiction, it was called one of the biggest mistakes in modern medicine. But this was no accident
drugs  crisis  guard  long  opioids  society  read  painkiller  oops  medical  mistakes  addiction  history 
9 days ago by xer0x
The Online Photographer: The Remarkable Persistence of 24x36
A hundred and five years ago, in 1913, an asthmatic photographer who worked as an engineer for the Leitz optical factory in Wetzlar, Germany, seeking a less burdensome camera to carry, invented a handy little camera that was about as...
culture  film  history  photography  cameras  technology  Unread 
6 weeks ago by xer0x
Software Rot and Classes of Rot Resistance · InductiveComputerScience/progsbase Wiki
Public Progsbase Repository. Contribute to InductiveComputerScience/progsbase development by creating an account on GitHub.
compsci  computer  rot  decay  history  reference  science  bitrot  computer-science  development  information  scale  software-engieering 
10 weeks ago by xer0x
Microfilm Lasts Half a Millennium - The Atlantic
Millions of publications—not to mention spy documents—can be read on microfilm machines. But people still see these devices as outmoded and unappealing. An Object Lesson.
microfiche  microfilm  papernet  whosonfirst  history  spy  newspaper  archives 
july 2018 by xer0x
Big Bang telescope finale marks end of an era in cosmology
With the end of Europe’s Planck mission, researchers are moving to smaller projects studying different aspects of the cosmic microwave background.
space  telescope  era  history 
july 2018 by xer0x
The City at the Beginning of the World - Archaeology Magazine
The only Maya city with an urban grid may embody a creation myth
maya  city  grid  history  crocodile  religion  america 
july 2018 by xer0x
BBC - Travel - Switzerland’s mysterious fourth language
Despite Romansh being one of Switzerland’s four national languages, less than 0.5% percent of Swiss can speak it.
switzerland  romansh  language  history 
june 2018 by xer0x
Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff
For almost 25 years, Shane Smith’s plan for Vice Media was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded.
vice  media  history  sales 
june 2018 by xer0x
Why Did New York City Stop Building Subways? - CityLab
Nearly 80 years ago, a construction standstill derailed the subway’s progress, leading to its present crisis. This is the story, decade by decade.
subway  newyork  cities  nyc  history  IFTTT  Pocket  public_transport  STEM  transit 
april 2018 by xer0x
The brutal world of sheep fighting: the illegal sport beloved by Algeria’s 'lost generation' | News | The Guardian
The long read: Algeria’s ‘lost generation’ has been shaped by years of conflict, unemployment and state repression. Sheep fighting offers an arena where young men can escape the constant supervision of the state
sheep  fighting  algeria  africa  history  underground 
february 2018 by xer0x
Crushed wood is stronger than steel
Compressing wood and removing some of its polymers can increase its strength by more than a factor of ten.
cool  sustainability  wood  materials  iceboat  canada  future  history 
february 2018 by xer0x
Kenichi Yamamoto, Father of Mazda’s Rotary Engine, Is Dead at 95 - The New York Times
He led the engineering team that produced an innovative answer to the conventional piston automotive engine. He later led the company.
mazda  chief  obituatary  nytimes  japan  technology  history  engine  rotary 
january 2018 by xer0x
The Legacy Of The Mississippi Delta Chinese : NPR
Chinese immigrants came to the Mississippi Delta as agricultural laborers. Many moved on to become grocers in African-American neighborhoods. Some stores remain, but many folks have moved on and away.
pocket  ifttt  chinese  delta  mississippi  history  racism 
january 2018 by xer0x
What Happened to Trump’s 19 Sexual-Misconduct Accusers
Several women are airing their claims again, hoping that in this #MeToo moment, people will be more willing to listen.
trump  sex  charges  assault  rape  history  teflon  don  donald 
december 2017 by xer0x
Archaeologists find mysterious, 4,000-year-old dog sacrifices in Russia | Ars Technica
Ancient structure full of charred dog bones points to a ritual related to werewolf myths.
werewolf  history  russia  dog  burn  ritual 
november 2017 by xer0x
John Raines, 84, Who Evaded Capture in an F.B.I. Break-in, Dies - The New York Times
Dr. Raines and his wife were among the antiwar protesters who broke into a field office in 1971 and stole hundreds of files, which they gave to journalists.
history  abuse  fbi  hoover  sad  america  snowden  objector  activism 
november 2017 by xer0x
True Kilts: Debunking the Myths About Highlanders and Clan Tartans | Collectors Weekly
Shop for—and learn—about vintage and antiques. Browse the best of eBay, connect with other collectors, and explore the history behind your favorite finds.
kilts  history  things 
november 2017 by xer0x
The Strange Tectonic Coincidence of Mexico’s September Earthquakes | The New Yorker
Marcia Bjornerud examines the geological aspects of the recent September 7th and September 19th earthquakes in Mexico.
earthquake  mexico  history  aztec 
september 2017 by xer0x
Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games | Ars Technica
As we wait on a new Age of Empires this fall, let's revisit the RTS genre's highs and lows.
history  real  time  strategy  rts  gaming  fun 
september 2017 by xer0x
Pop Culture Pulsar: Origin Story of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures Album Cover [Video] - Scientific American Blog Network
Sure, I was familiar with the graphic—and I’m not alone. Drop this image (right) on someone’s desk and chances are they’ll reflexively blurt, “Joy Division.” The band’s 1979 Unknown Pleasures album cover leaned entirely on a small mysterious data display, printed in white on black.
joy  division  shirt  unknown  pleasures  pulsar  history  wow  design  plot  visualization  science 
september 2017 by xer0x
Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
The country was just beginning to worry about nuclear fallout, and the Air Force wanted to reassure people that it was OK to use atomic weapons. And so on July 19, 1957, five Air Force officers stood on a patch of ground in the Nevada desert and waited for the bomb to drop.
bombs  history  nuclear  crazy  weapons  ground  interesting  war  zero 
june 2017 by xer0x
On Chinese Writing: Evolution
You can imagine how disappointed I was when I learned this story. I was secretly hoping that the Chinese had invented their writing in order to remember how, during a fatal and romantic night, the great poet Li Bai, somewhat drunk, drowned to his... | Alex Lebrun | Cofounder and CEO at (Facebook)
unicode  Unread  tonews  chinese  characters  history  words  language  china  mandarin  japanese 
april 2017 by xer0x
Vimy Ridge: Birthplace of a nation – or of a Canadian myth? - The Globe and Mail
The battle, which marks its 100th anniversary this year, has long been touted as the defining event that unified Canada. Whether or not it did, its symbolism endures
canada  vimy  ridge  war  history 
april 2017 by xer0x
Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case - The New York Times
Using a wealth of new scientific information, a seasoned homicide detective has developed a theory in a death 5,300 years ago.
history  murder  mummy  old  german  italy 
march 2017 by xer0x
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