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gpu.js - GPU Accelerated JavaScript
gpu.js is a single-file JavaScript library for GPGPU in the browser. gpu.js will automatically compile specially written JavaScript functions into shader language and run them on the GPU using the WebGL API. In the case where WebGL is not available, the functions will still run in regular JavaScript.
gpgpu  gpu  javascript  js  webgl  performance  accelerated  acceleration  browserhosted  math 
23 days ago by xer0x
Mathematicians Seal Back Door to Breaking RSA Encryption | Quanta Magazine
Digital security depends on the difficulty of factoring large numbers. A new proof shows why one method for breaking digital encryption won’t work.
Cryptography  HEALTH  abstractions  cambridge  computer  crypto  encryption  equations  factoring  factors  math  mathematics  maths  notes  number  numbers  of  polynomial  prime  rsa  science  security  theory  university 
10 weeks ago by xer0x
1/0 = 0 • Hillel Wayne
Have a tweet:
I have no idea if Pony is making the right choice here, I don’t know Pony, and I don’t have any interest in learning Pony. But this tweet raised my hackles for two reasons:
It’s pretty smug. I have very strong opinions about programming, but one rule I try to follow is do not mock other programmers.1 Programming is too big and I’m too small to understand everything.
math  comparative-literature  pony  computerscience  dividebyzero  alternatives 
august 2018 by xer0x
p-Hacking and False Discovery in A/B Testing by Ron Berman, Leonid Pekelis, Aisling Scott, Christophe Van den Bulte :: SSRN
We investigate whether online A/B experimenters "p-hack" by stopping their experiments based on the p-value of the treatment effect. Our data contains
a/b  paper  math  science  p-hack  product  statistics 
july 2018 by xer0x
The Mathematics of Magic: The Gathering
Analysis of the math behind the world's most popular trading card game.
statistics  books  math  free  games  IFTTT  interesting  magic  mtg  Pocket 
june 2018 by xer0x
What the Four Color Theorem Can Teach Us About Writing Software
The four-color theorem provides a way to think about the complexity of graphs, which maps nicely to software.
bestpractices  collaboration  communication  math  programming  dev  development  graphs  interesting  philosophy 
january 2018 by xer0x
BBC - Future - We couldn’t live without ‘zero’ – but we once had to
Mathematician Hannah Fry tells the intriguing story of how the number zero was ‘discovered’ – and why we couldn’t predict the future without it.
math  history  number 
december 2016 by xer0x
Don’t invert that matrix
There is hardly ever a good reason to invert a matrix. What do you do if you need to solve Ax = b where A is an n x n matrix? Isn't the solution A-1 b? Yes,
algebra  linearalgebra  math  matrix  programming  invert  linear-algebra  numerical  algorithms  inversion 
may 2016 by xer0x
robert ghrist home page
An illustrated calculus text.. or set of notes. Pretty good.
reference  toread  book  text  math  calculus 
july 2011 by xer0x

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