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Iran’s Zarif drives Trump to insanity |
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is putting a stake in Trump's international efforts.
diplomat  diplomacy  iran  usa  foreign  policy  afganistan  trump  hamid  karzai  kabul  bonn  pompeo 
november 2019 by xer0x
Stressed out: Americans making themselves sick over politics | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
New Nebraska U-led research reports nearly 40% of Americans say politics is stressing them out, and one in five are losing sleep. The study published in PLOS ONE Sept. 25.
stress  research  politics  trump  problem  2019 
september 2019 by xer0x
Biggest Offender in Outsize Debt: Graduate Schools - The New York Times
The market for master’s degrees behaves in strange and erratic ways, new data reveals.
dead  future  education  usa  student  loans  studentloans  trump  obama  data  science  masters  payback  roi 
june 2019 by xer0x
Pentagon Puts Cyberwarriors on the Offensive, Increasing the Risk of Conflict - The New York Times
Until now, the Cyber Command has assumed a largely defensive posture, but in the spring the Defense Department opened the door to nearly daily raids on foreign networks, seeking to head off attacks.
america  crazy  first  trump  cyber  security  offensive  strategy 
june 2018 by xer0x
Konstantin Kilimnik: Manafort Aide Is Mueller's 'Person A' - The Atlantic
One of the most shocking revelations from the special counsel’s investigation is the suggestion that Paul Manafort’s longtime aide is a pawn of Russian intelligence.
mueller  trump  witchhunt 
june 2018 by xer0x
Thanksgiving Got Shorter After the 2016 Election, Study Says. You Can Guess Why. - The New York Times
Americans who went to areas of opposite political leanings cut 30 to 50 minutes off family gatherings, an analysis of smartphone data showed.
stem  politics  thanksgiving  family  short  trump  ruined  christmas 
may 2018 by xer0x
Newspaper op-eds change minds -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have found that op-ed pieces have large and long-lasting effects on people's views among both the general public and policy experts. The study also found that Democrats and Republicans altered their views in the direction of the op-ed piece in roughly equal measure.
persuasion  change  journalism  politics  blog  STEM  cambridgeanalytica  brexit  trump  election  newspaper  power 
april 2018 by xer0x
What Happened to Trump’s 19 Sexual-Misconduct Accusers
Several women are airing their claims again, hoping that in this #MeToo moment, people will be more willing to listen.
trump  sex  charges  assault  rape  history  teflon  don  donald 
december 2017 by xer0x
Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump
Why won’t the first lady show up for her job? Why? I became obsessed with this question and eventually looked to Melania’s Twitter history for answers. I noticed that in the three-year period between…
trump  photography  photos  ifttt  instagram  Pocket  politics  Twitter  Unread  #rL_shrd 
april 2017 by xer0x
The Border Wall Is Already Giving Up Part of America - Bloomberg
What life is like in the no-man’s land north of the border, south of the wall.
wall  mexico  trump  wtf  life 
april 2017 by xer0x
The Cognitive Bias President Trump Understands Better Than You | WIRED
The human brain has a built-in tendency to conflate the aberrant with the norm. The news industry—and certain politicians—know this all too well.
pocket  psychology  instapaper  ifttt  trump  alt_facts  Archive  availability.heuristic  bias 
february 2017 by xer0x

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